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  • Community Leader Briefing with the National Farmworker Alliance

    Office of Public Engagement Associate Director Julie Chavez Rodriguez along with other Senior Administration officials from the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Labor, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development and the Domestic Policy Council participate in a briefing to discuss issues related to migrant health, education, work protections, and immigration.

  • Got Startup Experience? Help Enhance the Pathways for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

    It’s no secret that immigrant entrepreneurs make a major contribution to American economic growth and job creation. It’s also no secret that we can do more to attract and retain the best and brightest seeking to come here and start new companies. That’s why President Obama supports legislation to create a visa designed for startup founders, as part of a 21st century immigration system.

  • From Goya to Google, the Impact of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Spurring Job Creation

    Senior Advisor in the Office of Investment and Innovation at the U.S. Small Business Administration Ellen Kim reflects on the importance of immigrants in business growth.

  • Two Ways to Think About Immigrant Integration

    Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs Cecilia Muñoz speaks at the National League of Cities (NLC) Congress of Cities and Exposition to over 2,000 mayors, city council members and staff from all over the country. The 2011 NLC Congress of Cities in Phoenix focused on cities finding and sharing solutions that move communities forward and lead them through economic hard times.

  • Passion for Justice Brings Michigan Students for a Dialogue at the White House

    Mohaimina Haque and Juany Torres, Interns at the White House Domestic Policy Council, describe a recent meeting with college students from Michigan with senior staff members of the White House.

  • Meeting with Southwest Border Officials at the White House

    Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano meets with local law enforcement and elected officials from southwest border communities at the White House to discuss border safety and security.

  • Communities Coming Together: Immigration and the Economy

    Alejandro Mayorkas, Director of the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, speaks about the current state of our immigration system and its impact on the economy at a roundtable hosted by the Partnership for a New American Economy and the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

  • For the Win: The Language of Acceptance

    Clay, a 17 year-old from Lake Park, GA, combined his interests in the Spanish language and reading to develop a bilingual reading program for elementary school age children at local libraries and schools in his community.

  • Trading Across the Border – The United States and Mexico’s $1 Billion per Day Relationship

    Michael Camuñez, Assistant Secretary for ITA’s Market Access and Compliance, reflects on his meeting with Juan Carlos Baker, Director General of Mexico’s Secretariat of Economy, to talk about how to further strengthen the relationship between the United States and Mexico.

  • Building a Stronger Democracy Through Immigrant Integration

    Felicia Escobar, Senior Policy Advisor at the White House Domestic Policy Council, reflects on her experience at the National Immigrant Integration Conference in Seattle, Washington.