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  • Fueling American Entrepreneurship With Open Data

    For decades, entrepreneurs have used government data from Global Positioning Systems, weather monitoring stations, and other sources to power their products and services.

  • Energy Datapalooza: Unleashing the Power of Open Data to Advance our Energy Future

    Envision an easy-to-use software package that lets a building owner perform virtual energy audits at a fraction of the cost of in-person audits, so real savings are calculated instantly, building upgrades launched sooner, and construction jobs created faster.These are the kinds of advances that are on display today at the White House as more than 150 of America’s entrepreneurs, software developers, energy experts, and policy makers come together for an Energy Datapalooza.

  • It’s Go Time for the Presidential Innovation Fellows

    On Thursday, August 23, the White House will welcome the first class of Presidential Innovation Fellows, top innovators from outside government who will work with top innovators inside government to create real and substantial changes that will in a very short time frame benefit the American people, save taxpayers money, and help create new jobs.