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  • Building A Better and Brighter Tomorrow

    Heading up Emerald Cities Atlanta, an initiative focused on the environmental and sustainable needs of the city, Deborah Scott works to implement the strategies and programs that will ensure energy efficient and sustainable development for a socially conscious economy.

  • Early Environmental Education That Will Last Through Adulthood

    Educating the students at Jonestown Elementary School with hands-on experiences is a well-weighted investment in the eyes of Marian Robidas, who believes that an environmentally-focused education early on yields more compassionate and aware adults in the future.

  • Deadline Tomorrow: Nominate a Hero for the Citizens Medal

    Do you know someone whose exemplary deeds are an inspiration for others to serve? If so, we want to hear from you.

  • Volunteers to the Rescue

    The City of Salisbury transformed two neglected blocks of South Shaver Street and is an honoree for the Make A Difference Day city awards.

  • The BIG DIG Inspires Community Pride

    In 2011, over 600 volunteers beautified 80 sites in one day and due to their efforts, Jersey City is an honoree for the Make A Difference Day city awards.

  • Expanding Opportunity through Active Volunteering

    The Department of Labor recognizes that active volunteering can help expand opportunity for unemployed individuals by enabling them to develop and maintain skills, expand their professional networks, and enhance their resumes while helping in their community.

  • Writing Her Path

    After a series of devastating hardships and setbacks, Ajane Celestin-Greer's mentors helped her overcome a long road of challenges and put her on the path to success.

  • Princess Wishes

    Alyssa Pietruszka, a 13 year-old whose magical time at a fairytale resort helped her beat cancer, discusses her passion for volunteering.

  • Channeling Natural Resources for a Carbo-Free Tomorrow

    As the founder and CEO of General Compression, Eric Ingersholl, had a desire to use the America's natural wind resources to "power projects combining conventional wind farms and the company's storage technology to create a new type of generator" -- playing a major role in generating the cost-effective, carbon-free grid of the future.

  • American Hydropower: Leading the Way Toward a Job-Creating and Clean-Energy Future

    Kevin Frank, CEO of Voith Hydro supports the use of renewable energy and believes: "it’s now up to the manufacturers, power providers, and end users to work in concert to ensure the America of the future is powered with clean sustainable energy."