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  • The Social Innovation Fund Adds Four New Intermediaries to its Portfolio

    The SIF is elevating proven community solutions, helping build scale through philanthropic leverage and evaluation of results to fund programs that work.

  • Fighting HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC

    Community Health Workers in the Washington AIDS Partnerships's innovative Positive Pathways Program are helping their neighbors overcome barries to treatment for HIV/AIDS.

  • Matching Jobseekers to Careers

    WorkAdvance, the recipient of a Social Innocation Fund grant, helps people looking for work get the career counseling, interviewing skills, and referrals to full-time jobs with room for advancement.

  • Helping People with Mental Illnesses Thrive

    Buckelew Programs, a nonprofit organization that provides homes, jobs, and hope to people with mental illness, is the recipient of a Social Innovation Grant.

  • The Promise of Crowdfunding for Social Enterprise

    White House staff and thought leaders in the impact economy are focusing on the Jumpstart Our Business startups (JOBS) Act, which enables "crowdfunding," an innovative approach to raising capital. Rather than depend on a few wealthy individuals or banks, crowdfunding supports startups by letting companies raise up to $1 million in small increments from many investors.

  • Shifting the Odds for At-Risk Youth

    The Promotores program links at-risk youth with counselors who help young people navigate issues like poverty, unemployment, and lack of affordable housing.

  • Social Innovation: A Strategy for Expanding Opportunity

    The Social Innovation Fund invests money in nonprofits and foundations so they can accelerate the work of high-impact organizations like the Year Up program and replicate their approaches in new localities and markets.

  • Opening the Door for Program Related Investments

    Jonathan Greenblatt, Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, explains a proposed rule that would make it easier for philanthropies to make Program Related Investments.

  • Service Members Help Meet the Needs of Young Children

    Naila Bolus, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jumpstart, one of the largest part-time AmeriCorps programs, explains that investing in early education is investing in the future.

  • Volunteers to the Rescue

    The City of Salisbury transformed two neglected blocks of South Shaver Street and is an honoree for the Make A Difference Day city awards.