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  • Making Full Use of America's Talent

    For all of the progress women have made in the 20th century -- gaining the right to vote, becoming nearly half of the workforce, and increasing their education, there is still work to be done to remove barriers that limit us from making full use of our nation’s talent in the future.

  • A Mother’s Day Tea with the First Lady and Dr. Biden

    First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden invited more than 100 military mothers and their families to the White House for a Mother’s Day Tea. The military mothers in attendance included military spouses, active duty and reserve service members, and women veterans.

  • A 21st Century Workplace for Today's Working Families

    Nearly half of America’s workforce is now comprised of women, and three-fourths of households are headed by a working single parent, or two working parents -- and our workplaces have yet to catch up by implementing policies which empower women, and provide flexibility for parents.

  • Weekly Address: The First Lady Marks Mother’s Day and Speaks Out on the Tragic Kidnapping in Nigeria

    In this week’s address, First Lady Michelle Obama honored all mothers on this upcoming Mother’s Day and offered her thoughts, prayers and support in the wake of the unconscionable terrorist kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian girls.

  • Making Research Work for Young Women and Girls

    This spring, the White House Council on Women and Girls welcomed over 100 researchers, policy advocates, business leaders, members of the media, and non-profit executives to the first-ever White House Research Conference on Girls.

  • What They're Saying: New Steps to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

    The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault released its first-ever report and announced a series of actions to putting an end to this violence and make sure victims know they are not alone.

  • Creating Workplaces that Work for Families

    Millions of working parents in America are struggling to hold jobs that make ends meet, while worrying about who is taking care of their kids. Many people have to choose between a job and sick child or parent, and many give up a career they trained long and hard for in order to meet the needs of their families. It’s time for our workplaces to adapt to the changing workforce.

  • Business School Deans Meet to Discuss Best Practices for a 21st Century Workplace

    White House senior advisors meet with deans from leading business schools to discuss best practices for business schools that can better prepare their students for the increasing importance of women in the labor force and the prevalence of employees with families where all parents work.

  • Unlocking Export Opportunities for Women-Owned Businesses

    In celebration of Women’s History Month, I met with some women business owners to learn about their businesses, and encourage them to take advantage of the groundbreaking trade agreements being brokered by the Obama Administration by exporting their products and services abroad.

  • Weekly Address: Raise The Minimum Wage - It’s The Right Thing To Do For Hardworking Americans

    In this week’s address, Vice President Biden discusses the importance of raising the federal minimum wage. It’s good for workers, it’s good for business, and it would help close the gender pay gap, as women make up more than half of the workers who stand to benefit from a raise.