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  • White House Rural Council on the Road

    There are more than 100 events being held throughout the summer so that senior Administration officials can talk with Americans across the country

  • Across the Administration, Action for Healthy Communities

    In too many American communities, low-income and minority families shoulder a disproportionate burden of pollution in the places where they live, work and learn. This past week the Obama Administration took an important step to address those disparities when Federal leaders signed their agencies into Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Environmental Justice. At the highest levels of the Obama Administration, we are intent on ensuring Americans have equal opportunity to enjoy the health and economic benefits of a clean environment.

  • Rural Veterans and the Tyranny of Distance

    For about 3.3 million Vets, or 41 percent of the total enrolled in VA’s health care system, distance is more than a challenge. Distance can mean rural Veterans don’t have access to the care and services they’ve earned.

  • The SBA 100

    Karen Mills, Administrator of the Small Business Administration, announces a showcase of 100 small business that created at least 100 jobs each with SBA assistance, helping drive our economy forward and putting more Americans back to work.

  • Strengthening Our Commitment to Indian Country

    Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perrelli shares the work that the Department of Justice has undertaken to implement the Tribal Law and Order Act into law on the one year anniversary of President Obama signing it into law.

  • Congressional Inaction Halts Aviation Projects Across US

    Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood emphasizes the large number of American jobs at stake in the Nation's aviation infrastructure, and urges Congress to revisit and pass a Federal Aviation Administration bill.

  • Coordinating Safe and Responsible Energy Development in Alaska

    President Obama announces the formation of a new, high-level interagency working group to coordinate on energy development in Alaska

  • Winning The Future for Native American Youth

    To further engage Native American youth, the White House recently launched the Native American Youth Challenge to learn about how young people are working to solve problems in their communities. One way this is taking place is through Let’s Move in Indian Country, and this morning the White House was pleased to host a South Lawn Series event for youth to learn about lacrosse from some of the best players in the game.

  • A Historic Step Toward True Trust Reform

    Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar honors a recent court action giving settlements for potential federal mismanagement of Native American trust funds. The Department of Interior is committed to reconciliation and empowerment for American Indian nations through comprehensive reform of its trust responsibilities.

  • Our Covenant with America’s Rural Miners

    The Obama Administration continues its commitment to the safety, education, and fair standards and of the mining industry and its workers.