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  • Western Officials Demand a 21st Century Immigration System

    Officials from the western United States share what bringing our legal immigration system into the 21st century would mean to them.

  • COASST – It Takes a Village

    The Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST) was born out of the Tenyo Maru oil spill, out of the realization that scientists alone can’t begin to document what’s normal, let alone how fast things are changing. We need a willing army to make that happen. In short, we need citizens – the locals who watch, and know, and love their backyards, their environment.

  • Open Science for a Changing Planet

    Rebecca Moore is being honored as a Champion of Change for the vision she has demonstrated and for her commitment to open science.

  • Celebrating and Supporting Native Fathers

    ACF’s vision for fatherhood is that every parent is actively engaged in his child’s healthy development, and intellectual, emotional and financial well-being. Strengthening and supporting families is the mission critical effort to all of the programs that ACF operates from Head Start to TANF, to the Office of Child Support.

  • Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)

    This year's Memorial Day allows us to remember our fallen soldiers and reflect on the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), which was established to provide ongoing peer-based emotional support to anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one who served in the Armed Forces.

  • Commitment to Service & Community

    Lusiana Tuga Hansen shares her story of helping establish Polynesian Association of Alaska (PAOA)

  • National Strategy for the Arctic Region Announced

    The National Strategy for the Arctic Region sets forth the United States Government’s
    strategic priorities for the Arctic region.

  • A Strategy for the Arctic, Informed by Sound Science

    Today, the Obama Administration released the first-ever National Strategy for the Arctic Region—an approach to protecting national security, promoting environmental stewardship, supporting native cultures, providing for appropriate economic development, and strengthening international cooperation in the Arctic region.

  • Protecting Our Interests in the Arctic

    Today, the Obama Administration released a National Strategy for the Arctic Region that outlines our Nation’s priorities over the next 10 years. The National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan will play an important role in achieving those priorities by better leveraging Federal resources, streamlining decision-making, and encouraging collaboration among Federal agencies, states, and marine stakeholders on ocean issues.

  • Warrior Transition Battalion Alaska

    The US Army Warrior Transition Command supports the Army's commitment to the rehabilitation and successful transition of wounded, ill, or injured Soldiers.