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  • Happy Birthday! USDA Celebrates WIC Program Anniversary, Accomplishments

    USDA’s Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (better known as WIC) celebrates the program’s 40th anniversary, highlighting four decades of helping improve the lives of millions of infants and children across America.

  • Protecting the San Gabriel Mountains for Future Generations

    One hundred and fifty years ago, President Lincoln signed a law that forever changed the way we conserve our natural heritage. It might have seemed an odd thing to do at the time. We were in the middle of the Civil War. The fate of our union hung in the balance. Lincoln himself had never even been to California; for a good part of his life, his home state of Illinois was the West.

  • Expanding Opportunities for All: The Obama Administration Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

    Yesterday marked the end of a month-long celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month across the Obama Administration, an opportunity to reflect on the invaluable contributions the Hispanic community has made to our nation’s rich diversity.

  • Here’s How Latino Millennials Are Shaping the New American Economy

    Millennials are the largest, most diverse generation in the United States. That’s a fact from today’s report from the Council on Economic Advisers on the extraordinary progress our young people are making in this country. Latino millennials have contributed to this advancement significantly, and they will likely make up the majority of young people in the coming years.

  • Expanding Opportunity for All

    Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect time to reflect on the extraordinary contribution that the Latino workforce makes to our nation’s economic vitality. This is also a time to remember that as a nation, we need to ensure that all hardworking people are able to get ahead and reach for the American dream.

  • Local Leaders Make 2014 Their "Year of Action" for Raising the Wage

    Since the President called on Congress to raise the federal minimum wage, 13 states and the District of Columbia raised the minimum wage for working Americans. Cities and counties throughout the country have also made tremendous progress in using their authorities to make sure workers, contractors, and residents can better clothe, feed, and shelter their families.

  • 2014 Drug-Free Communities Grant Awards Announced

  • In Support of Paid Leave: 25 Million Stories

    Today, we were delighted to announce that the Department of Labor has awarded $500,000 to assist Massachusetts, Montana, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia in funding feasibility studies on paid leave.

  • Demonstrating What Works at the White House

    The White House hosts the first-ever “What Works Showcase” -- a live, interactive event featuring a diverse selection of SIF investments, including social entrepreneurs leading innovative nonprofits and social enterprises transforming lives and strengthening communities across the country.

  • WHIAAPI Announces Its 2014-2015 E3! Ambassadors

    The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI) is proud to announce its first class of E3! Ambassadors, 32 young leaders from across the nation committed to improving the quality of life and opportunity for young AAPIs.