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  • Open Government and the National Plan

    The Open Government Initiative asks for feedback on two key challenges -- improving public services and increasing public integrity.

  • Transitions

    The President’s announcement that Steven VanRoekel will be our nation’s next CIO comes at an important moment for our nation. As OMB works closely with the President and Vice President on the Campaign to Cut Waste, information technology (IT) is at the center of our efforts to save money, eliminate waste, and do more with less.

  • Open Government to Solve Problems: Meet Champions of the Open Innovation Movement

    Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer of the United States, highlights the stories of open innovators tapping into government data, allowing entrepreneurs to develop applications and create jobs to grow the economy.

  • Over 1.5 Million Records Released

    A new release of White House visitor records brings the grand total of records that this White House has released to over 1.5 million records.

  • A New Step in Accountability and Fighting Fraud

    OMB Deputy Director for Management Jeff Zients announces the launch of the Government Accountability and Transparency Board, an initiative to help make government spending more efficient and more effective by increasing transparency and accountability.

  • Cutting Waste in Contracting

    As part of the commitment to crack down on waste and ensure that every tax dollar is spent wisely, the Obama Administration is strengthening accountability by both reducing and improving the use of contracts.

  • Shutting Down Duplicative Data Centers

    As part of the President’s Campaign to Cut Waste, we will shut down 178 data centers in 2012, bringing us to a total of 373 data centers that will be closed by the end of next year.

  • Cut Waste and SAVE

    The White House launches the third annual SAVE Award (Securing Americans Value and Efficiency) – a contest for federal employees to submit ideas about how to cut waste, save taxpayer dollars, and make government more effective and efficient.

  • Calling All Federal Employees: We Need Your Help to Cut Wasteful Spending

    Vice President Biden sends an email to federal employees announcing the launch of the 2011 SAVE Award and publishes an op-ed about about delivering the American taxpayers an accountable government.

  • What You Missed: Live Chat on Improving Federal Websites

    Watch Administration officials answered your questions from Facebook, Twitter and on ways to improve the online experience with Federal websites