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  • Hands On @ Hyatt – A Public-Private Partnership That Works

    John Ficca is being honored as a Disability Employment Champion of Change.

  • Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization

    In one of my meetings with NASA, a senior official with the space agency once observed, “Right now, the mass we use in space all comes from the Earth. We need to break that paradigm so that the mass we use in space comes from space.”

  • Weekly Wrap Up: September 29 - October 3

    This week, President Obama talked about a new foundation for a 21st century economy and welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the White House; Vice President Biden and Secretary of Labor Tom Perez announced the fourth round of TAACCCT grants; and the economy saw its 55th straight month of private-sector job gains.

  • You Told Us: Here's What Raising the Wage Means to You

    Tens of thousands of people shared what raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 would mean to them personally, or to their communities. Read some of those stories on our interactive map here.

  • Community Colleges: The Secret Sauce

    Motlow State Community College in Tennessee is working with Bridgestone Tire Company and other employers to expand their mechatronics program, creating a training facility on-site at Bridgestone to prepare students to move quickly into high-skill jobs.

  • Universidades Comunitarias: La Salsa Secreta

    La universidad comunitaria Motlow State Community College en Tennessee está trabajando junto a Bridgestone Tire Company y otras empresas para expandir su programa de mecatrónica y ha creado unas instalaciones de capacitación en Bridgestone para preparar a los estudiantes a incorporarse rápidamente en trabajos muy técnicos.

  • Community Colleges: The Secret Sauce

    The program is called TAACCCT -- that stands for Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training. As acronyms go, I’m not going to say it’s our very best work. But as a commitment to building a 21st century workforce, as a tool to prepare people for the jobs of today and tomorrow, it is second-to-none.

  • A Destiny to Serve and Be a Champion of Change

    Dr. Gonzalo La Cava is being honored as a Latino Educator Champion of Change.

  • Biofuels and Our Clean Energy Future

    The Departments of the Navy, Agriculture, and Energy announce new contracts to accelerate the development of cost-competitive advanced biofuels for use by the military and commercial sectors.

  • 5 Things to Know: The President Lays Out the U.S. Plan to Degrade and Destroy ISIL

    President Obama travelled to Tampa, Florida to speak to servicemembers at MacDill Airforce Base about the U.S. strategy to degrade ultimately destroy ISIL, a terrorist organization that is killing innocent, unarmed civilians in both Iraq and Syria.