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  • Making the World Safer from Pandemic Threats: A New Agenda for Global Health Security

    The Global Health Security Agenda is an international effort to enhance our ability to prevent, detect, and respond to outbreaks of infectious disease threats.

  • NSC Staff, the Name Is Back! So Long, NSS

    The Administration has decided to change the name back of the National Security Staff to the National Security Council staff, which was the name the organization used from the signing of the National Security Act of 1947 until 2009

  • Enduring Partnership with Haiti

    Haitian President Martelly's recent visit to the White House highlights the partnership between the United States and Haiti in aiding the nations recovery from the devastating 2010 earthquake. The visit served as an opportunity for the Presidents to discuss the way forward in Haiti, and how the United States can continue to support the Haitian government’s efforts to promote economic growth and strengthen Haiti’s democracy.

  • Pressing for Peace in South Sudan

    Susan E. Rice on the meeting with the special envoy for Sudan and South Sudan and President Obama.

  • President Obama Discusses U.S. Intelligence Programs at the Department of Justice

    President Obama delivers a speech at the Department of Justice to announce the outcomes of a broad-ranging and unprecedented review of our signals intelligence programs

  • Urging Peace in South Sudan

    Reinforcing President Obama’s strong message encouraging South Sudan’s leaders to choose peace, National Security Advisor Susan Rice records an audio message for the people of South Sudan.

  • Continued Progress on the U.S.-Canada Beyond the Border Initiative

    The United States and Canada release a new report highlighting the significant progress made over the last year to enhance economic cooperation and to address threats before they reach our common borde

  • Liberty and Security in a Changing World

    The President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies releases its report entitled “Liberty and Security in a Changing World,” which sets forth forty-six recommendations designed to protect national security and advance our foreign policy while respecting our longstanding commitment to privacy and civil liberties.

  • West Wing Week 12/13/13 or, "Madiba, Farewell"

  • Beating Malaria: We Must Win This Fight

    World Health Organization releases a report that confirms what many of us have long believed: we can beat malaria, one of the most intransigent diseases on the planet. By bringing together governments, business leaders, philanthropists, donor agencies and citizens in malaria endemic countries to end deaths from this preventable and treatable disease, we’re making tremendous, unparalleled progress.