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  • Helping Solve the Puzzle of Youth Homelessness

    Beth McCullough works tirelessly to make sure that the homeless kids she rescues become successful young adults and with 87% of her "kids" going on to higher education, her work has paid off.

  • Providing Safe Shelter for Homeless LGBT Youth

    When the Ali Forney Center opened it was a one of a kind opportunity for homeless LGBT kids in New York City, and now it has become the largest and most comprehensive organization dedicated to homeless LGBT youth in the country.

  • Shining a Light Through the Tunnel of Homelessness

    The journey through homelessness is never easy, especially for a child. Unfortunately, schools, housing agencies, and homeless service providers have historically referred families back and forth for resources but rarely worked hand-in-hand to meet the particular needs of school-age children. That's why programs like Project Community Connections are working to provide hope for those suffering from homelessness.

  • Adopting a Rapid Re-Housing Approach to Address Family Homelessness

    MCBOSS's efforts on behalf of homeless families have provided a vehicle for helping change lives and make a difference. The rapid re-housing strategy is allowing families to overcome their housing crisis more quickly and at lower cost than providing shelter or transitional housing. There is renewed hope of attaining the Mercer Alliance’s goal of ending homelessness in our community.

  • The Promise of 'This Land Is Your Land'

    At The Night Ministry, Paul Hamann works to create programs and environments that accept youth for who they are without question and provide them with a variety of developmentally appropriate services that are the platform for them to begin to realize their dreams, to claim this land as their own. Those services form a continuum of care that includes street outreach and extends to a two-year transitional living program.

  • A Continuum of Services that Inspires Youth

    Larkin Street began as a small, volunteer-run drop-in center and modest street outreach program aimed to give homeless kids on San Francisco’s streets a safe refuge and over time has grown to offer the full spectrum of care that disconnected youth need to be safe, healthy, and build the skills for self-sufficiency.

  • Summer Food Service Program Fills Need at Healing Waters Center in Colorado

    In Colorado, summer food programs don't only provide healthy meals for kids -- they become gathering places, where families come to access much-needed services and receive the "spiritual and community help they need."

  • Peace of Mind in Knowing Sick Child Won’t be Denied Health Coverage

    When a child is seriously ill, a parent shouldn’t have to worry that an insurer would deny coverage due to the child’s pre-existing condition. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Alycia Steinberg no longer worries that her daughter won't get the treatment she needs

  • Helping to Provide a Healthy Start for Children

    A Neighborhood Christian Center initiative is working to support young mothers during the first year of their babies’ lives by providing critical information on maternal and child health.

  • Children in the Rio Grande Valley Enjoy Summer Food and Fun

    In partnership with the USDA's Summer Food Service Program, Catholic Charities begins their second year providing meals nutritious summer meals to children in Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy counties in South Texas.