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  • Weekly Wrap Up: This Week at the White House

    It’s been a busy week here at the White House. In case you've missed some of our top stories this week, here’s a recap.

  • Understanding the Needs of the Vibrant AAPI Community in Illinois

    On October 29, I had the privilege, alongside federal representatives from 12 agencies, to hear from more than 70 AAPI community leaders at the WHIAAPI Region 5 AAPI Community Listening Session.

  • This Day in History: Seven Score and 11 Years Ago...

    On this day in history, President Abraham Lincoln gave one of his most iconic speeches -- The Gettysburg Address.

  • The Faces of Health Care: Susan T.

    Susan T. from Quincy, Illinois recently wrote the President to say thanks for his “courage and conviction to make sure every American has access to health insurance.”

  • President Obama Announces the Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients

    Today, President Obama named nineteen recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  • Keeping Up on the Minimum Wage

    It’s been almost two years since President Obama first called for an increase in the national minimum wage. He believes more strongly than ever that no one who works full-time should have to raise a family in poverty.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: October 18-24

    This week at the White House, the President updated the nation on our government-wide response to Ebola, we discussed efforts against ISIL with our international efforts, and the First Lady asked, “Turnip for What?”

  • Protecting the San Gabriel Mountains for Future Generations

    One hundred and fifty years ago, President Lincoln signed a law that forever changed the way we conserve our natural heritage. It might have seemed an odd thing to do at the time. We were in the middle of the Civil War. The fate of our union hung in the balance. Lincoln himself had never even been to California; for a good part of his life, his home state of Illinois was the West.

  • Driving Development of Clean Energy

    In 2013, the President announced a bold new goal for the federal government to consume 20% of its power from renewable sources by 2020 -- and federal agencies are already stepping up to this challenge in a big way.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: September 29 - October 3

    This week, President Obama talked about a new foundation for a 21st century economy and welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the White House; Vice President Biden and Secretary of Labor Tom Perez announced the fourth round of TAACCCT grants; and the economy saw its 55th straight month of private-sector job gains.