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  • Using Incentive Prizes to Tackle the Middle-School Math Gap

    Incentive prizes are now a standard tool in every Federal agency’s toolbox to spur innovation and solve tough problems. With more than 200 prizes offered by over 45 Federal agencies so far, open innovation and incentive prizes are showing promise for catalyzing new solutions in the education sector.

  • A Whole-of-Government Commitment to Inclusive Entrepreneurial Growth

    Our Nation’s small businesses employ over 60 million Americans, or half of the private sector workforce. The Obama Administration recently released a detailed action plan to achieve this goal of increasing Federal services to entrepreneurs and small businesses, with an emphasis on startups, growing firms, and underserved markets. This Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal is designed to improve government performance on important national priorities.

  • At Datajam, Innovators and Entrepreneurs Unleash Open Data for Global Development

    A December 10 Global Development DataJam at the White House brought together world-class innovators and entrepreneurs together with U.S. government leaders and decision-makers to discuss the impact that open development data has already had on strengthening entrepreneurship in the United States and in developing countries.

  • A Principled Stance on the Internet’s Future

    Here's an explanation of the decision made by the United States at the World Conference on International Telecommunications.

  • First-ever White House Codeathon targets Apps for Equal Futures

    Yesterday, we hosted the first-ever White House Codeathon! The goal of this event was to support the Equal Futures App Challenge, a challenge to create apps that inspire girls and young women to become leaders in our democracy. This challenge is in response to President Obama’s call to countries around the world to politically and economically empower women and girls.

  • Encouraging Innovations that Help Americans Take Control of Their Financial Lives

    Data sets published by Federal agencies are increasingly being harnessed by private-sector innovators to empower consumers to take control of their financial lives. Recently, Treasury hosted a Finance Data Convening to highlight the variety of features, apps, products, and services that use finance data released by Federal agencies.

  • Making Makers in Los Angeles

    Soon after taking office in 2009, in a speech at the National Academy of Sciences, President Obama called on the science, engineering, and technology communities to “encourage young people to create and build and invent – to be makers of things not just consumers of things.” Here’s what one leader in the maker community shared about her experience bringing kids and families into the growing community of American makers.

  • Students Speak: “Why I’m in STEM”

    This week, OSTP asked winners and finalists from the 2012 Siemens Foundation student competition in Math, Science, and Technology to tell us why they are pursuing STEM and what it means to them. Here's what they had to say.

  • OSTP Director to Stellar STEM Students: “Keep Innovating!”

    On Monday in Washington, DC, OSTP Director John Holdren spoke to an audience of scientists and innovators, including the student finalists of the Siemens Foundation Competition in Math, Science, and Technology. He made the case that a solid STEM education is one of the most powerful routes to a career that is both successful and meaningful to society.

  • HUD and Partners Pitch in to Help Families Find Housing Following Hurricane Sandy

    Post-Sandy, HUD, OSTP, and several tech companies teamed up to help families in need of alternative housing.