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  • Reaching Out to Fight Veteran Homelessness

    Project REACH challenged developers to create a convenient mobile application so that local resources are available to those who need them most – our homeless veterans. The ultimate goal is to create a national platform that identifies available services such as health clinics, food kitchens, housing services, and shelters at any location around the country.

  • Roadmap for a Digital Government

    Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel announces the launch of the new Digital Government Strategy.

  • Wanted: A Few Good Women and Men to Serve as Presidential Innovation Fellows

    A new initiative will bring top innovators from outside government for focused “tours of duty” with our best federal innovators on game-changing projects

  • White House Rural Council: Rural Stakeholders Meeting

    In an event focused on issues around access to care and improving health outcomes in rural communities, the White House Rural Council was joined by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and a group of 24 rural health care providers.

  • All-of-the-Above, In Action

    By approving the Greater Natural Buttes gas development project in Utah, which could produce more than six trillion cubic feet of natural gas over its life, the Department of the Interior has taken another step towards fulfulling President Obama's all-of-the-above strategy to develop American energy

  • Want a Blossoming STEM Career? Just add Confidence and a Little Assistance

    With a confidence and a little practical assistance, Henry Wedler is convinced careers STEM are just as attainable for Americans with disabilties. A grauduate student at the University of California, Davis, Henry is living proof of that assertion, as he works toward his Ph.D, in organic chemistry.

  • Everyone Should Feel that Learning about Science is “For Me”

    For Chrisitine Reich, Director of Research and Evaluation at the Museum of Science, Boston, a passion for inclusion drives the efforts she and her staff take in making sure people with disabilities especially, leave places like museums and classrooms inspired and better able to take part in STEM.

  • Making STEM Accessible to All Americans

    George Kerscher is excited by all of the advancements making the visual aspects of STEM accessible to Americans with disabilities. Promoting and participating in joint efforts and initiatives, George continues to ensure that equal access to information and success in STEM careers is available to all those interested.

  • Overcoming Society’s Barriers to Bring Mobility to the World

    Determined not to let Spinal Muscular Atrophy hasten his independence, Ralph Braun, founder and CEO of the The Braun Corporation, engineered the the world's first motorized scooter, among other mobility assistants, and continues to revolutionize the way Americans with disabilities see their futures.

  • Providing Literacy for Informed Citizenry through Braille

    Joseph Sullivan, president of Duxbury Systems, Inc. has been a proponent of braille resources since the company opened in 1975, and was calls chairing "the technical design subcommittee of a BANA-ICEB project, charged with bringing together diverse English braille codes into a single Unified English Braille Code" a high point in his career.