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  • 20 Years of Lifting Up Communities

    The Obama administration celebrates the 20th anniversary of the CDFI Fund by convening government officials, business executives, and community leaders at the Treasury Department to mark the fund's achievements and to look at the prospects for its continued success.

  • Community Colleges: The Secret Sauce

    The program is called TAACCCT -- that stands for Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training. As acronyms go, I’m not going to say it’s our very best work. But as a commitment to building a 21st century workforce, as a tool to prepare people for the jobs of today and tomorrow, it is second-to-none.

  • PCAST Examines Technology for Targeting Job-Skills Training and Matching Talent to Jobs

    Today, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) released a letter report to the President about opportunities for information technology (IT) to improve the way the labor market works and to help get more people into jobs. The report – which focuses on “middle-skill” workers, people whose jobs require post-secondary training, but not a conventional college degree – describes how IT can be used to enhance interactions among workers, trainers, and employers, and to help boost the performance of the labor market as a whole.

  • In Support of Paid Leave: 25 Million Stories

    Today, we were delighted to announce that the Department of Labor has awarded $500,000 to assist Massachusetts, Montana, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia in funding feasibility studies on paid leave.

  • A Look Back at Lehman Brothers and Where We Stand Six Years After the Financial Crisis

    Take a look back with White House Administration officials who shared the critical moment and key decisions the President made in three different areas of the economy to get us to where we are today. Then slide across the charts to see how far we’ve come in the last six years.

  • Weekly Address: Time to Give the Middle Class a Chance

    In this week’s address, the Vice President discusses our continued economic recovery, with 10 million private sector jobs created over 54 straight months of job creation.

  • The Economy that Built 10 Million Jobs

    10 million jobs marks more than unprecedented job growth, it is a sign of the industry of the American worker and the strength of an economy that made 10 million jobs possible.

  • The Employment Situation in August

    With today’s report, the economy has now added 10 million private-sector jobs since early 2010.

  • President Obama Rallies Workers at Milwaukee's Laborfest

    The President celebrates Labor Day by visiting the city of Milwaukee for their annual Laborfest, accompanied by Secretary of Labor Tom Perez.

  • Secretary Tom Perez: "On Labor Day"

    U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez sends a message to the White House email list, asking people to honor our nation's workers by adding their name in support of raising the federal minimum wage.