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  • Conquer the Unthinkable

    Kea Norrell Boyd is an educator for the Wayne County 4-H Mentoring Program, a part of the Children & Youth Institute at Michigan State University Extension. When Kea was tasked at expanding the Wayne County 4-H Mentoring Program, she realized the true importance of offering caring adult mentors to at-risk youth. Kea works to find ways for young people growing up in a high-risk environments a chance to succeed and ways to support them.

  • The Untold Story About the U.S.-Mexico Border

    Violence. Narco-trafficking. Illegal Immigration. A place of great insecurity. Listen to the national media and these are the images they would have you believe define and characterize the U.S.-Mexico Border.

  • Driving Innovation and Change in Government Technology

    Phil Bertolini is the CIO and Deputy County Executive for Oakland County, Michigan. Phil strives to drive innovation and real change in government technology, even in hard economic times. He has proven that with the proper long-term approach, government technology implementation in a tough economy is possible and necessary for the continued provision of critical government services.

  • 18th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act

    Through programs funded by this groundbreaking legislation, police officers and prosecutors are now trained to understand the needs of victims, specialized law enforcement units investigate these crimes, and transitional housing programs help victims rebuild their lives. As a result, annual rates of domestic violence have dropped by more than 60 percent since the passage of the Act, but more work remains to be done.

  • Patent Reform: Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of the America Invents Act

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is implementing the legislation in a manner that makes it easier for American entrepreneurs and businesses to bring their inventions to the marketplace sooner, converting their ideas into new products and new jobs.

  • ONDCP Visits Detroit as Part of National Youth Initiative

    On August 8th, ONDCP joined other federal officials on a visit to Detroit.

  • Happy Birthday, President Obama

    In honor of President Obama's 51st birthday, we thought we’d share 51 of our favorite pictures of the President in the White House.

  • Engaging the Midwest AAPI Community

    The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders convened for a Midwest Regional Action Summit at The Ohio State University, bringing together 300 community leaders and federal agency representatives in a day-long convening to exchange ideas.

  • Detroit Maker Faire: Celebrating Tinkerers, Inventors, and the Next Generation

    This weekend, a two-day celebration of making by a rising generation of tinkerers, inventors, and innovators—includes 450 makers from Michigan and around the United States—is taking place with one of the best collections of innovation in the world as its backdrop.

  • Growing Momentum for Digital Promise

    Less than a year ago, the White House and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced the launch of “Digital Promise,” a new national effort to accelerate innovation in education with technology. Yesterday, The Office of Science and Technology Policy joined superintendents from across the country in Digital Promise’s first Innovation Workshop, held in Washington D.C.