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  • You Told Us: Here's What Raising the Wage Means to You

    Tens of thousands of people shared what raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 would mean to them personally, or to their communities. Read some of those stories on our interactive map here.

  • Fond du Lac Band leads climate resilience efforts on Lake Superior Chippewa Indian Reservation

    Mike Boots travels to Minnesota to meet with tribal Chairwoman Karen Diver and tour the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indian Reservation's resilience-building efforts.

  • Recovery at the White House: Celebrating 25 Years

    Yesterday, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) hosted an event in honor of National Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Month, called “Recovery at the White House: Celebrating 25 years.” Television journalist and recovery advocate Laurie Dhue moderated a panel of other recovery advocates who shared their personal stories about addiction, and participated in a discussion about their journeys to recovery.

  • #WomenInSTEM: Making a Cleaner Future

    Meet Mallory Lindgren, a project manager at a Minnesota-based land and energy development consulting firm, and the latest profile in the Energy Department’s #WomenInSTEM video series.

  • Join Us on September 17 for Recovery Month at the White House

    Join us on September 17th for an event at the White House celebrating the 25th Anniversary of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.

  • Happy 53rd Birthday, President Obama!

    President Obama is celebrating his 53rd birthday. In honor of the occasion, we put together our top 10 photos from the past year -- because we thought that means more than our "top 53."

  • Growing a Legacy

  • Sentinel Landscapes: Where Conservation, Working Lands, and National Defense Interests Converge

    In July 2013, the Administration launched the Sentinel Landscapes partnership to accomplish three critical goals: preserve agricultural lands, assist with military readiness, and restore and protect wildlife habitat.

  • Thinking Outside the Box to Prepare Americans for Information Technology Jobs

    Traditional workforce training programs are stepping up—expanding their IT programs and working with industry to develop curricula that better prepare Americans for today’s jobs. As part of his review of America’s training programs, the Vice President has highlighted innovative new examples of those programs in his report to the President. The Administration is particularly committed to supporting a new accelerated model of intensive training, often called “coding bootcamps,” which has emerged in several cities around the country.

  • The First-Ever White House Summit on American Apprenticeship

    To create new opportunities for more Americans, we are committed to advancing job-driven training initiatives that help workers acquire the skills they need to succeed in good jobs. Expanding quality apprenticeship is a key strategy to make education and training programs more job-driven.