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  • Paying it Forward to Build Food Security

    In 2010, Erik Schultz helped launch Thriive, a nonprofit organization that pursues an innovative approach to food security in diverse worldwide locations such as Vietnam, Kenya, Palestine, and Nicaragua. Focusing on the growing needs of small-scale agricultural and food products businesses, such as, smallholder farms and livestock operations, Thriive helps grow the entire food chain, from producers to consumers, making them more resilient and self-reliant.

  • Food – People – Power

    Dana Harvey is the Executive Director of Mandela MarketPlace, a community-directed and community-owned local food system that includes a cooperative grocery retail, local produce distribution center, produce service for corner markets, network of urban production farms and a youth leadership program that is a model for other communities. With the grocery stores, Mandela MarketPlace promotes healthy and locally produced foods, and provides jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities to residents who otherwise may not have a chance to own a business.

  • Empowering a New Generation of Farmers at Home and Abroad

    Dr. Govind Kannan believes that the sustainability of small farms is the key to revitalizing rural communities and strengthening food security worldwide. Govind educates minoirty and underprivileged students, conducting applied research and outreach, to empower small, limited resource, and underrepresented farmers with the knowledge and technical skills needed to sustain successful agricultural enterprises.

  • One More Mountain to Climb

    In December of 2003, Dr. June Henton and her colleagues launched "Auburn's War on Hunger," in partnership with the UN World Food Programme. Soon after, the program launched a higher education movement throughout the country and world, known as Universities Fighting World Hunger.

  • Jill-Care: Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan Keeps Her Running

    The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) established by the Affordable Care Act allows Jill from North Carolina to continue pursuing her passion.

  • Effective Strategies for Working with Fathers Returning from Prison

    The Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the Department of Justice partners with organizations in North Carolina and Washington State to highlight the support available to fathers returning from prison and their families.

  • Giving to Those That Hardly Recieve

    While serving as PTA President, Mandy Patterson started a children’s charity, Pajama Pals, which has collected and distributed nearly 75,000 books and new pajamas to underprivileged children in North Carolina.

  • The Nation's First High Speed Rail

    Dan Richard, chair of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, explains the work that has gone into establishing California's High Speed Rail over the past four years.

  • Committed to American Innovation, American Jobs, and Environmentally-Friendly Mass Transportation

    As Chief Executive Officer, David Bennett leads Proterra as it continues to highlight the growing market for zero-emission solutions in the transit industry.

  • Making Federal Resources More Accessible for Rural Communities

    The HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities and USDA release the Federal Resources for Sustainable Rural Communities guide to programs from the four agencies that rural communities can use to promote economic competitiveness, protect healthy environments, and enhance quality of life.