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  • Lifting Up All Women

    Valerie Jarrett joins R&B legend Alicia Keys, the Kaiser Family Foundation and the National Black Women's HIV/AIDS Network for an inspirational meeting with a community gathering of courageous black women living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Honoring Title IX Every Day

    Russlynn Ali, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Education, discusses the successes of Title IX as well as the important work that remains to be done.

  • President Obama Remembers Andy Griffith

    President Obama says that Griffith, "warmed the hearts of Americans everywhere."

  • Building Momentum

    The Obama administration is making strides in the Better Building Challenge across the U.S. with the hopes of making new American buildings 20 percent more effective over the next ten years.

  • Community Health Centers: Expanding Access to Care in Underserved Areas

    Community health centers like the C.W. Williams Community Health Center in Charlotte, North Carolina deliver comprehensive, high-quality preventive and primary care to patients where they live, and the Affordable Care Act makes a major investment in expanding their ability to serve patients

  • New Guide Highlights Best Practices and Innovations in Helping Veterans Thrive in the Private Sector

    More than 30 companies and organizations from America’s private sector share lessons learned in effective recruitment, assimilation, retention, and development of veterans in the civilian workforce

  • Vice President Discusses College Affordability with College and University Officials

    Ten colleges and universities have committed that they will provide students with key information they need to make smart choices regarding where to go to school and how to pay for their degree

  • Women Chart a New Course Onboard U.S. Navy Submarines

    The first contingent of 24 women who completed the Navy’s nuclear submarine program met with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House

  • A Veterans Path

    A soldiers path in life when returning home is not always clear cut and obvious. Cassaundra learned this the hard way when she completed her service as she began going to college full-time, working full-time, and raising two children. She now serves veterans by reaching out to mentor women leaving the armed forces with her organization F7 group.

  • Smoothing the Transition

    A soldiers life is never easy, and with a jobless rate of 12 percent among all veterans it can be even harder at home than war. Hernán Luis y Prado works to lessen the burden of unemployment for veterans through his "Workshops for Warriors" program. With 11 veteran working for him currently, Hernán hopes that by 2015 he'll employ 50 veterans and have secured jobs for 1000 more.