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  • State and Local Officials Speak Out on Bipartisan Compromise

    State and local officials speak out about the bi-partisan debt compromise announced by President Obama.

  • State and Federal Grid Gurus Working Together to Beat the Heat

    It is critical that America modernize its electric grid if it is to lead the world and create jobs in the clean-energy economy of the future. There are a number of challenges that need to be addressed in order to build the 21st century grid, but right now, at the peak of this week’s intense heat spell, no challenge is more evident than that of the stress that sustained high temperatures can put on the electric grid.

  • Making a Difference in Rural Economies with Cooperatives

    Everett Dobrinski, a board chairman of CoBank, supports cooperatives as ways for farmers to work together on supply and marketing, rural communication, and financial needs to compete in a global economy.

  • White House Event Amps Up Grid Modernization Efforts

    On Monday, the White House brought together a range of stakeholders from throughout the energy sector—including utility executives, state regulators, federal agencies, consumer advocates, technology leaders and entrepreneurs -- to discuss along with Administration officials the most effective ways of upgrading our country’s electric grid.

  • Working Together to Reduce Drug Use in America

    The Bible on which I took the oath of office for Deputy Director of Demand Reduction at the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) was my grandfather’s. He was a faithful man to his family, his community, and his new country. Yet after December 7, 1941, my grandfather, who was born in Japan, was branded unworthy of the most basic trust and imprisoned because of where he was from, how he looked, and the accent with which he spoke. Federal agents took him to an undisclosed prison in North Dakota. Now, two generations later, it is the same executive branch in which his grandson now serves our Nation.

  • $86.2 Million

    Big insurance companies spent millions trying to fight heath reforms that end lifetime limits and protect against denying coverage to those who get ill or have preexisting conditions, but millions of Americans are already benefiting from the new law.

  • Politics or Patients?

    Opponents of reform are focused on politics, but our Administration is working to deliver the benefits of the Affordable Care Act to the American people.

  • Setting the Record Straight on Weatherization

    A close look from the Energy Department on the progress of the Administration's efforts to weatherize homes, a key part of the emerging clean energy economy.

  • President Obama Celebrates Ramadan at White House Iftar Dinner

    President Obama continued the White House tradition of hosting an Iftar - the meal that breaks the day of fasting - celebrating Ramadan in the State Dining Room.

  • Help Where It's Needed

    Jared Bernstein, Chief Economic Advisor to the Vice President, debunks another misunderstanding of the Recovery Act and where the help has been going.