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  • Director Kerlikowske Visits Missouri; Urges Adoption of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

    Director Kerlikowske visited Missouri on Wednesday to highlight the importance of monitoring and tracking prescription drugs in the state.

  • Boosting Innovation in the Rust Belt

    Youngstown, Ohio will soon be the home to a new public-private institute aimed at boosting 3-D printing technology.

  • Saying Yes to PTA Involvement

    As a parent, educator and PTA advocate, Ana Chapman is committed to enriching children’s lives. She is currently serving as Ohio PTA Director of Communications, as well as President of Grindstone Elementary PTA in Berea, Ohio.

  • President Obama Calls the US Squad

    President Obama congratulates the U.S. women's gymnastics team -- as well as the greatest Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps.

  • Engaging the Midwest AAPI Community

    The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders convened for a Midwest Regional Action Summit at The Ohio State University, bringing together 300 community leaders and federal agency representatives in a day-long convening to exchange ideas.

  • The White House Celebrates LGBT Champions of Change

    The White House honors Champions of Change who have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of LGBT people across the country, representing countless other individuals and organizations who are equally dedicated to equal rights for LGBT people.

  • Honoring Title IX Every Day

    Russlynn Ali, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Education, discusses the successes of Title IX as well as the important work that remains to be done.

  • Matching Jobseekers to Careers

    WorkAdvance, the recipient of a Social Innocation Fund grant, helps people looking for work get the career counseling, interviewing skills, and referrals to full-time jobs with room for advancement.

  • Faith-Based Group Rebuilds Alabama Church Following 2011 Tornadoes

    When the Christian Valley Baptist Church in Boligee, AL was destroyed by last April's tornadoes, they faced an insurmountable repair bill. But members of an Ohio Mennonite congregation stepped in to help rebuild, finding housing at a congregation in Boligee that, possibly due to racial tension, had been burned down in 1996 and rebuilt.

  • Natoma Canfield's Letter to President Obama

    During the fight for health care reform, Natoma's letter reminded the President of all the Americans, all across the country, who have had to worry not only about getting sick, but about the cost of getting well.