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  • First Lady Michelle Obama Participates in Ceremony for New U.S. Navy Submarine -- Illinois

    Today, in Rhode Island, First Lady Michelle Obama participated in a keel-laying ceremony of a new U.S. Navy submarine called the Illinois.

  • Taking Action to Reduce Carbon Pollution at the State, Local, and Tribal Level

    For decades, state, city, county, and tribal leaders have led the way in reducing pollution, making our communities healthier and cleaner. The EPA's new carbon pollution standard proposal puts tools in the hands of each state -– there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here.

  • State and Local Officials Join the President in Year of Action to Raise the Minimum Wage

    In the year since the President first called on Congress to raise the federal minimum wage, 10 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws to increase the minimum wage. Without waiting on Congress to act, Connecticut, Maryland, and Hawaii are lifting their minimum wages to $10.10 an hour, and other states and localities are considering similar legislation.

  • What Climate Change Means for Regions Across America

    The Third U.S. National Climate Assessment confirms that climate change is affecting Americans in every region of the United States and key sectors of the national economy.

  • Announcing Selection of Immigrant Integration Networks

    The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education (OCTAE) recently announced five networks to participate in a new exciting initiative: Networks for Integrating New Americans (NINA). The initiative’s goal is to develop and refine ways to more successfully integrate immigrants and refugees.

  • President Obama: It's Time to Give America a Raise

    Ensuring that hard work pays off means that women should receive equal pay for equal work, that Americans can save and retire with dignity, that people have health insurance when they need it most, and that the wage you make is enough to support yourself and your family.

  • 5 Things to Know about Opioid Overdoses

    With the amount of media attention on overdoses right now, it's important to know the basics about the epidemic.

  • Expanded “Green Button” Will Reach Federal Agencies and More American Energy Consumers

    Today, President Obama issued a memorandum directing Federal agencies to redouble efforts to use renewable energy and manage their energy usage more efficiently and effectively. In addition to setting an ambitious new target for Federal agencies to increase their consumption of renewable energy to 20% of their total use by 2020, the memorandum instructs agencies to incorporate the “Green Button” data standard into their energy management practices.

  • New Report: The Economic Benefits of Extending Unemployment Insurance

    A new report argues that allowing Emergency Unemployment Compensation to expire would be harmful to millions of workers and their families, counterproductive to the economic recovery, and unprecedented in the context of previous extensions to earlier unemployment insurance programs.

  • Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change

    In June, President Obama laid out the case for action on climate change and the steps his Administration will take to address it. In his Climate Action Plan, the President announced steps to cut the emissions of carbon pollution, prepare the United States for the impacts of climate change, and lead international efforts to combat global climate change.