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  • Coming Together to Rebuild

    Glen and Jacqueline Young, who received aid from the USDA's FSA Emergency loan Program, reflects on how friends and family in the community came together to help them rebuild after a devastating tornado.

  • Reducing Our Individual Carbon Footprints

    Mark Timm, an owner of Colby Creek Stables, recounts the obstacles and triumphs he and his wife encountered when transforming the family business into a self-supporting operation via sustainable and renewable energy.

  • Bringing Practical Biomass Energy to Rural Communities

    Eric Rund, CEO of Green Flame Energy, believes it is important to establish biomass crops in the market, by increasing biomass use in fuel and creating better incentives for farmers to plant them.

  • Empowering Farm Women to be Better Business Partners

    Ruth Hambleton, founder of Annie's Project in Illinois, recounts her experience at the Rural Champions of Change roundtable and the importance of providing education, support, and networking resources for farm and ranch women.

  • Removing Barriers to Successful Agriculture in Indian Country

    Ross Racine, Executive Director of Intertribal Agriculture Council, reviews the history of government recognition of Indian American agriculture, and the need to improve Indian access to rural programs.

  • Supporting Regionally Grown Food

    Deborah Kane, Vice President of Food and Farms at Ecotrust, looks to connecting buyers with regionally grown food as not only a great way to support local farms, but also an economic investment in rural development.

  • A Bright Future for Farming and Ranching

    Jason Frerichs, a farmer/rancher, educator, and lawmaker from Wilmot, South Dakota, speaks on the importance of broadband internet access in small towns and a competitive livestock industry to maintain producer confidence.

  • Reaching Out to Rural Communities

    Linda Roberson, Town Manager and Finance Director of Zolfo Springs in Florida, discusses the various challenges small rural communities face in strengthening infrastructure.

  • Restoring Our Connection to the Land

    Bruce Ward, founder and senior adviser to Choose Outdoors, honors the rural way of life that helped make this country is what it is today, and how we can instill those characteristics in future generations.

  • Regional Food Systems Create Jobs

    Sue Noble, Executive Director at the Vernon Economic Development Association in Wisconsin, explains that rural communities can help win the future for America by providing infrastructure investment with regional food systems.