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  • Responsibly Expanding America’s Offshore Energy Development

    Two years removed from the spill, the Gulf of Mexico is back in business.

  • Advanced Vehicles: Advancing Our Communities

    A member of the City of Atlanta's Office of Sustainability discusses the importance of developing advanced vehicles that reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil, and grow jobs in our communities.

  • White House, Department of Education, Corporation for National and Community Service Continue the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge

    President Obama's Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge has inspired service leadership by diverse groups at colleges and universities around the country: public and private, religiously-affiliated and secular, community colleges, HBCUs, and seminaries. Over 400 campuses responded to the Challenge, and students took action on issues from hunger to literacy.

  • Honoring Fathers

    President Obama celebrated Father’s Day a little early with four dads at Kenny’s Barbeque Smokehouse in Northeast Washington, DC on Wednesday

  • Innovative Financing: Creating Access and Opportunity For Small Business In America's Rural Economy

    This week marks the one-year anniversary of the creation of the White House Rural Council, an Administration-wide initiative to support and strengthen America’s rural economy. SBA announces efforts to ensure that entrepreneurs who live in rural areas have the access and opportunity they need to start, build, and grow their businesses.

  • A Veterans Path

    A soldiers path in life when returning home is not always clear cut and obvious. Cassaundra learned this the hard way when she completed her service as she began going to college full-time, working full-time, and raising two children. She now serves veterans by reaching out to mentor women leaving the armed forces with her organization F7 group.

  • Helping Veterans and Businesses Succeed Together

    John Reynolds and his organization Veterans2Work seek to educate both veterans and companies on the ways to find and utilize each other. By teaching veterans about going on a job search and teaching companies how best to utilize the mission-oriented mindset of a soldier Veterans2Work hopes to lower the unemployment rate of young and disabled veterans.

  • Helping Survive the Peace

    As a Vietnam verteran, Bob Curry saw the opportunity to help out a new generation of soldiers when the Afganistan War and War in Iraq began. He began DryHootch, a non-profit organizaiton, with the goal in mind to give veterans a safe, alcohol-free, drug-free environment to deal with the PTS they might be feeling after returning home.

  • In Service - Veterans Helping Veterans

    Jeffery Hanson works to give veterans the means to reach recovery on their own terms. His non-profit organization Palmetto State Base Camp provides transitional residential housing for homeless veterans supported by a program designed to return veterans to independent living and self-sufficiency.

  • MOMENTUM: Passing the Baton of Service

    eMerging Entrepreneurs, Inc. and its chairman TJ Breeden have created the opportunities for veterans and their families in North Carolina to meet hiring firms and employers, as well as college recruiters and advanced education counselors. This program, and the programs that will follow in its steps, will be a driving force for economic prosperity, educational advancement, and entrepreneurialism for our soldiers.