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  • Continued Progress and Plans for Open Government Data

    Building upon the Administration’s Open Data progress, and in fulfillment of the Open Data Charter, today we are excited to release the U.S. Open Data Action Plan.

  • Reimagining the Chemistry Set for the 21st Century

    The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has championed the use of prize competitions to source new ideas from citizen solvers and spur innovation. In order to find new ways to engage young people in STEM-related activities, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation recently partnered with the Society for Science & the Public on the SPARK (Science Play and Research Kit) Competition, a national prize competition to solicit ideas that reimagine the chemistry set for the 21st century.

  • Using Prizes to Engage Citizen Solvers: A Progress Report

    Today OSTP released its third annual comprehensive report detailing the use of prizes and competitions by Federal agencies to spur innovation, engage citizen solvers, address tough problems, and advance their core missions.

  • Innovation for Disaster Response and Recovery goes Global with State Department & USAID’s Tech Camp in the Philippines

    On May 5th and 6th, the U.S Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development will build on efforts to utilize innovation for disaster response and recovery efforts internationally by hosting a Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building TechCamp in the Philippines. Local civil society groups and technologists will roll up their sleeves and join forces to create innovative, low-cost tech-solutions to natural disasters, such as Typhoon Haiyan and the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the Philippines.

  • Findings of the Big Data and Privacy Working Group Review

  • PCAST Releases Report on Big Data and Privacy

    Today, PCAST is releasing its analysis via a new report, Big Data: A Technological Perspective, which details the technical aspects of big data and privacy. The ubiquity of computing and electronic communication technologies has led to the exponential growth of data from both digital and analog sources. New technical abilities to gather, analyze, disseminate, and preserve vast quantities of data raise new concerns about the nature of privacy and the means by which individual privacy might be compromised or protected.

  • Announcing the White House's Second Annual Civic Hackathon

    On May 29, the White House will welcome developers and tech experts to the White House for an all-day (civic) hackathon.

  • New Steps to Build an Innovative, 21st Century Detroit

    Today, we are transmitting to the City of Detroit a report from the “Tech Team” which include initial impressions, observations, and suggested areas of focus for the city. These recommendations are based on the team’s experiences in their cities and the two days they spent with the incredible municipal leadership and staff in Detroit.

  • Planetary Plating: Cooking up Extra Terrestrial Meals

    This weekend at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, we’re teaming up with NASA to figure out what Extra Terrestrials (if they’re out there!) might be eating on planets outside of our Solar System.

  • We the Geeks: Extreme Science

    Tune in to the upcoming We the Geeks Google+ Hangout to hear from some incredible scientists who are doing research at the edges of the Earth and beyond in pursuit of extreme science!