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  • We the Geeks Wrap Up: “Intelligence is our real Superpower”

    Last week, the White House hosted another installment of its “We the Geeks” Google Hangout series, this time on “The Stuff Superheroes Are Made Of.” The Hangout featured top innovators working to develop materials and technologies that can enable real-life “superpowers” such as invisibility and super strength. Some of the participants even demoed their wares live on the air.

  • Sharing Agricultural Success with President Obama

    While President Obama was visiting Senegal last month, he met Nimna, who is responsible for the Feed the Future USAID initiative.

  • We the Geeks: The Stuff Superheroes Are Made Of

    On Friday, June 19th, "We the Geeks" will be hosting a Google+ Hangout on "The Stuff Superheroes Are Made Of."

  • First Look at

    Today, we’re excited to share a sneak preview of a new design for, called The upgrade builds on the President’s May 2013 Open Data Executive Order that aims to fuse open-data practices into the Federal Government’s DNA. is far from complete (think of it as a very early beta), but we couldn’t wait to share our design approach – knowing that we need your help to make it even better.

  • A Smarter, More Innovative Government for the American People

    This morning, the President held a meeting with his Cabinet and senior officials to lay out his vision for building a better, smarter, faster government over the course of his second term. During the meeting, the President directed Cabinet members and key officials in his Administration to build on the progress made over the first term, and he challenged us to innovate government even further.

  • FLOTUS Travel Journal: Connecting Continents

    We brought together students here in South Africa with students across the U.S. for a lively town hall about the importance of education.

  • Landmark Treaty For The Visually Impaired

    More than 150 states have approved a landmark treaty that holds the potential to open up a world of knowledge for the nearly 340 million people worldwide who are blind, visually impaired, or have other print disabilities.

  • Hanging Out to Innovate for Global Good

    The White House hosted a Google+ Hangout today to discuss science, engineering, and entrepreneurial skills and how they can improve the lives of the global poor.

  • Nominate a White House Champion of Change for Civic Hacking

    Today, civic hackers—innovators applying their tech skills for civic good—are empowered by open government data to build tools, apps, and services that meet public needs at the national, state, and community level. That’s why we’re inviting you to nominate extraordinary civic hackers you know as White House Champion of Change.

  • Mozilla Ignite Challenge Winners Announced

    A year ago this month, OSTP and the National Science Foundation (NSF) launched the US Ignite initiative to jumpstart the development of software applications able to take advantage of the Nation’s growing but underutilized network of very-high-speed, gigabyte/second Internet connections. On Tuesday, at the US Ignite Partnership’s Application Summit in Chicago, IL, NSF and Mozilla announced the winners of the $500,000 Mozilla Ignite Challenge.