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  • PortfolioStat 2.0: Driving Better Management and Efficiency in Federal IT

    OMB's Office of E-Government and Information Technology releases new PortfolioStat guidance to continue drive further management improvements, save billions of dollars across the Federal Government, and improve services to Americans through the use of technology.

  • Champions of Change: Women Veterans

  • “I'm Not Dead Yet.”

    Marsha Four describes her journey to understanding her role as a veteran and how she can impact other veterans.

  • Freezing the Footprint

    The Administration has made it a priority for Federal agencies to dispose of unneeded properties and make more efficient use of the Government’s real estate assets. As the next step in this effort, today, OMB is issuing guidance to direct agencies to implement a “Freeze the Footprint” policy for Federal real estate.

  • Weekly Wrap Up: “We’ve Got More Work to Do”

    Here’s a quick glimpse at what happened this week on

  • West Wing Week: 03/01/13 or “Hope Springs Eternal”

    This week, the President urged Congress to take a responsible approach to deficit reduction instead of the indiscriminate across-the-board spending cuts called the sequester. He also met with the Prime Minister of Japan, America's Governors, and the country's only all-black Ranger unit, and unveiled a truly moving monument to Rosa Parks.

  • President Obama Calls for a Responsible Approach to Deficit Reduction

    President Obama strongly believes we need to replace the arbitrary cuts known as the sequester with balanced deficit reduction, and today he was at a shipyard in Newport News, VA to talk about what failing to do so will mean for middle class families.

  • What Is the Sequester?

    Have questions about what the sequester is, and why American families and our national economy face the threat of harmful budget cuts? Check out this explainer for some background.

  • From the Archives: George Washington Writes in the Margins

    Beginning in March, George Washington’s Acts of Congress will travel the country and visit the 13 Presidential Libraries of the National Archives through a partnership with Mount Vernon, offering a rare glimpse into history that is as relevant today as it was 224 years ago.

  • Startup America for a Stronger America

    Entrepreneurs from across the country gathered at the White House to celebrate Startup America’s two-year anniversary by presenting ambitious plans for growing vibrant startup communities in Arizona, Colorado, DC, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, North Carolina, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.