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  • Dr. William Spriggs's Story: Working Hard for America's Workforce

    Dr. William Spriggs, Assistant Secretary for Policy at the Department of Labor, talks about his background as a native of D.C., and the work he's doing to improve employment opportunity for all Americans.

  • On the Road to Energy Efficiency

    The President's Better Building Initiative will reduce energy costs for American businesses, and encourage innovation to create a new wave of energy-efficient technology and design.

  • Weekly Address: Out-Innovating, Out-Educating & Out-Building Our Competitors

    The President discusses his visit to a company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and how it exemplified his agenda for America to “win the future” spelled out in the State of the Union Address.

  • Welcoming our 2010 SAVE Award Winner

    On Tuesday night, President Obama spoke about giving the American people a government that’s not only more affordable, but also more effective and more efficient. Federal employees are important partners in that effort. From inspecting the food heading to our tables and making sure Social Security checks go out on time to treating wounded troops and helping returning Veterans pursue higher education, Federal employees are working day in and day out to serve the American people. The President believes these frontline workers are essential to any effort to improve government.

  • West Wing Week: "To Build Stuff and Invent Stuff"

    Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This week, the President delivered his State of the Union address, focused on jobs and the economy, and he took those ideas on the road traveling to Upstate New York and Wisconsin.

  • The President’s State of the Union Address: What They’re Saying Part II

    Read more reactions to the President's State of the Union Address from America's governors, mayors and experts from various fields covered in the President's speech

  • Behind-the-Scenes Video: The White House Christmas 2010: Simple Gifts

    The theme for the White House Christmas 2010 is Simple Gifts - a celebration of friends and family, hearth and home, and the simple things that bring joy at Christmas. Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the making of holidays at the White House.

  • Cost-Cutter Wins 2010 SAVE Award

    Today Jeff Zients' announced the winner of this year's SAVE Award. Through the SAVE Award (which stands for Securing American’s Value and Efficiency) the Office of Management and Budget challenged Federal employees to submit their ideas to streamline government and save tax dollars.

  • And the Top SAVER is...

    Over 57,000 of you have spoken, and the winner of the 2010 SAVE Award is Trudy Givens of Portage, Wisconsin.

  • Vote Now: The President's 2010 SAVE Award Finalists

    One of the most important changes that the President has brought to Washington is the belief that the best ideas usually come from outside of Washington. That’s why he launched the first ever SAVE Award last year to get ideas from federal employees on the frontlines to make government work smarter for the American people and to make sure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. And it’s why we are now asking the American people to help us select this year’s winner.