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  • Helping Survive the Peace

    As a Vietnam verteran, Bob Curry saw the opportunity to help out a new generation of soldiers when the Afganistan War and War in Iraq began. He began DryHootch, a non-profit organizaiton, with the goal in mind to give veterans a safe, alcohol-free, drug-free environment to deal with the PTS they might be feeling after returning home.

  • MOMENTUM: Passing the Baton of Service

    eMerging Entrepreneurs, Inc. and its chairman TJ Breeden have created the opportunities for veterans and their families in North Carolina to meet hiring firms and employers, as well as college recruiters and advanced education counselors. This program, and the programs that will follow in its steps, will be a driving force for economic prosperity, educational advancement, and entrepreneurialism for our soldiers.

  • Advocacy by a Veteran, for Veterans.

    Joey Strickland is a veteran who learned a lot about leadership during his service. Now that he's retired, he has dedicated his life to veteran affairs and has come up with a state program that he hopes will enable the nation as a whole to better serve its veterans.

  • Guest Post: Small Business at Work to Improve Treatment & Recovery Services

    During Small Business Week, we are highlighting a few examples of small businesses working in prevention, treatment or recovery. Today’s guest blog post comes from the Co-Deputy Directors of NIATx, an organization that helps lower costs and improve effectiveness in the field of mental health care.

  • Advancing Justice: The Fight Against Human Trafficking

    A. Marisa Chun, Deputy Associate Attorney General, writes about the Department of Justice's work in combating human trafficking.

  • Small Business with Big Impact: Substance Abuse Treatment Providers in Our Communities

    This week the Small Business Administration observes National Small Business Week, a time to recognize the importance of supporting small-business owners. As part of National Small Business Week, we’ll highlight small businesses doing outstanding work in the prevention, treatment, and recovery fields.

  • My First Job: Jon Carson

    The Director of the Office of Public Engagement at the White House looks back on his first summer job, which was hot, dusty and offered his first chance to earn some money

  • Eliminating Barriers to Entry: Increasing Braille Used in STEM

    Motivated by a desire to help others, John Boyer, founder of Abilitiessoft, Inc., continually works to eleviate the difficulties he faced growing up with a disability and finding that there was an inadequate amount of STEM material in offered in braille.

  • Princess Wishes

    Alyssa Pietruszka, a 13 year-old whose magical time at a fairytale resort helped her beat cancer, discusses her passion for volunteering.

  • Preserving Our Natural Resources for the Future

    Lead by Chairman Harold "Gus" Frank, the Potawatomi Community proves their commitment to protecting Mother Earth and "ensuring that future generations will have access to clean air, water and land," by incorporating renewable and energy-efficient initatives into their daily lives.