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  • Climbing Trees…and Ladders of Opportunity

    At the Labor Department, we continue to draw inspiration from Frances Perkins- so much of our work today is about continuing her legacy and helping women climb ladders of opportunity.

  • Expanding Opportunity for Women

    This Women’s History Month, we at the Department of Education celebrate the progress America has made toward reaching the goal of gender equity while recognizing that there is still a ways to go before women and girls have equal access to a quality, affordable education, from cradle to career.

  • Our Year in Review: Accomplishments in Women’s Health

    As we celebrate Women’s History Month and recognize the extraordinary achievements women have made throughout history, I’d also like to reflect on the accomplishments the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has made over the last year to improve the lives of women and girls.

  • Department of Commerce and Women’s History Month

    Here at the Department of Commerce, we are committed to strengthening the role of women in business and technology. Among the Department’s many initiatives aimed toward advancing this goal are the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) efforts to empower our country’s women to innovate and create good jobs.

  • Department of Justice and Women’s History Month

    That’s why it’s a top priority for my colleagues and me – at every level of the Department of Justice – to fight against discrimination, to eliminate inequities, and to tear down the barriers to success that too many women and girls continue to face even today.

  • Gender Equality: Getting There Starts Here

    As we mark our 10th anniversary, the Millennium Challenge Corporation remains committed to designing, implementing and evaluating the impact of our worldwide development investments to ensure that both men and women contribute to and benefit from economic prosperity.

  • Peace Corps Volunteers Work to Increase Opportunities for Women Around the World

    During Women’s History Month and throughout the year, thousands of Peace Corps Volunteers are working in communities around the world to increase opportunities for women and girls.


    At the Export-Import Bank, we’re supporting American businesswomen as they continue to conquer new frontiers. Last year, we helped a record number of women-owned businesses reach new customers around the world and create new jobs here at home.

  • Advancing Women's Potential Around the World

    Across the world, the work of USAID is grounded in the fundamental principle that investing in women and girls delivers exponentially greater dividends for peace, security, and prosperity.

  • The First Lady Honors International Women of Courage

    First Lady Michelle Obama joins Deputy Secretary of State Heather Higginbottom at the Department of State to honor recipients of the International Women of Courage Award.