Champions of Change

Lt. Daniel Gannon

Lt. Daniel Gannon, Providence Police Department, Providence, RI

Daniel E. Gannon is a 25 year veteran of the Providence Police Department, (Rhode Island), currently holding the rank of Lieutenant as a District Commander.

In 2006, the Providence Police Department implemented an innovative program called a “Drug Market Intervention” in the Lockwood section of Providence.  The approach includes identification of low-level drug dealers who were selected for a “call-in,” where community members and organizations offer them a chance to break the cycle of drug use, trafficking, and incarceration. 

A year after its implementation, calls for police services decreased by 58 percent, reported drug crime decreased by 70 percent, and drug calls to police decreased by 81 percent.  Lt. Gannon maintained strong community relations and helped lead a follow-up initiative in 2009.

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