Champions of Change

Sam Holtz

Sam Holtz, California, 12 years old

Sam is passionate about protecting the environment and has done quite a few things to help the Earth. He and his mom ran a recycle shoe drive called "Soles 4 Souls" to collect used shoes that could be reused or turned into playground rubber. He also participated in a recycling event for old electronic gadgets that raised money for his school. He spearheaded a used school supply recycle event where he collected used school supplies and gave them to schools less fortunate. He walks to school, brings trash-free lunches, and participates in the local citywide walking parade on Earth Day. He likes the idea of having competitions to inspire kids to learn good habits that will protect the earth and also likes the idea of rewarding kids who take action to protect the earth by giving them a homework pass. Sam is definitely understands that sometimes it takes a little extra push to get people to do the right thing, but he has been successful at getting kids involved in helping the planet because of his passion and enthusiasm.

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