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Anna Omura

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Anna is the Operations Manager at the Legatum Center which promotes for-profit entrepreneurship in low-income countries. She served as an Environmental Volunteer in Togo, West Africa from 2004-2006. Prior to her service with Peace Corps, Anna co-founded a candle manufacturing and retail company in Denver, Colorado.

Anna also leads the Speakers Bureau for the Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (BARPCV), which connects returned volunteers with schools and organizations who wish to learn about other cultures and the Peace Corps experience. 

Since returning to the States, she has also had the opportunity to share her experiences in West Africa through schools and with the Girl Scouts of America. Anna also participates on Team Mehalak, whose activities center around raising awareness and support for cystic fibrosis research.


About the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps traces its roots and mission to 1961, when then Senator John F. Kennedy challenged students at the University of Michigan to serve their country in the cause of peace by living and working in developing countries.

Since that time, more than 200,000 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in 139 host countries to work on issues ranging from AIDS education to information technology and environmental preservation.

Today's Peace Corps is more vital than ever, continuing to help countless individuals who want to build a better life for themselves, their children, and their communities.

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