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Philip Johnson Haynie, III

Philip Johnson Haynie, III

Philip Johnson Haynie, III, Haynie Farms, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia area

P.J. Haynie serves on USDA's Plant Variety Protection Act Board and on the Agricultural Advisory Council for Virginia's first congressional district. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech University and currently serves on the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Advisory Committee for both Virginia Tech and Virginia State Universities. Locally, he is a Board member of Chesapeake Academy and a member of Macedonia Baptist Church. He is employed by Haynie Farms, a diverse row-crop farm in the Chesapeake Bay region of VA, where he farms more than 3,000 acres of primarily corn, wheat, and soybeans. P.J. is also a member of the National Black Growers Council, a coalition of African American commodity growers who advocate for the 21st century policy needs of Black growers and the future of Black growers.

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