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Dianna Daley

Dianna Daley

Dianna, Director of Programs & Evaluation, came to Centro Campesino Farmworker Center Inc. (CCFC) in 2004 as director of the agency’s free after school and summer camp programs, which combined serve 300 children annually. She supervises 12 AmeriCorps volunteers and has been recognized statewide for exemplary operation of volunteer programs. Dianna peer trains new program directors on successful retention of volunteers based on her own achievement of retaining 100% AmeriCorps members for three consecutive years. She oversees the implementation of the youth services' programs for CCFC’s 21st Century Community Learning Center, one of only five community-based organizations in Miami-Dade County. Dianna also supervises CCFC’s Farmworker Overcoming Challenges Undermining Success (F.OC.U.S.: Jobs) department, a free job training and education program for farmworkers and their dependents. Dianna is personally committed to CCFC’s defining purpose: equate, education, and economic opportunity for everyone.

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