Champions of Change
David Barger is the President and Chief Executive Officer of JetBlue Airways (JBLU), one of the leading airlines in the Americas, with headquarters in New York and major bases of operations in Boston, Florida, California and the Caribbean. Through his personal commitment and committee stewardship, Mr. Barger also serves as Chairman of the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC), a policy-level Federal advisory committee tasked with developing a common understanding of NextGen priorities in the context of overall NextGen capabilities and implementation constraints, with an emphasis on the near- and mid-term. The NAC provides a venue where the FAA can solicit a consensus-based set of recommendations on modernizing the air traffic control system and other issues that are critical to the successful implementation of NextGen. It is also a forum to obtain a commitment of resources and/or synchronized planning between government and industry that will support and, when necessary, identify opportunities for industry participation in NextGen implementation. In addition, Mr. Barger has served on the Department of Transportation’s Future of Aviation Advisory Committee (FAAC).