Government Reform for Competitiveness and Innovation

Idea submissions for the Government Reform for Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative closed at 11:59 p.m. on April 15. Thank you for all of your ideas, comments and votes. OMB is in the process of reviewing your submissions. Click here to see all of the ideas submitted.

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In any organization, there is always room for improvement, to cut waste and do more with less, and to streamline and deliver better results. The Federal Government is no exception. That's why the President's vision for winning the future also includes reforming our government to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness so that it can best support American competitiveness and innovation.

That's where you come in. We know that Federal employees have some of the best knowledge about how our government works, and some of the best ideas of how to improve it so it best serves the American people.  That’s why we want your input through a new online tool on these questions:

Increasing Trade, Exports, and Overall Competitiveness

  1. What could the government do better to help increase trade, exports, and overall competitiveness in the 21st Century?
  2. How can we better streamline the government’s trade, export, and competitiveness programs and services?
  3. How can we use government resources in trade, exports, and competitiveness more efficiently and effectively?

Ideas to Make Other Parts of Government More Efficient and Effective

  1. Where are the biggest opportunities to streamline and modernize government processes?
  2. How can we use government resources more efficiently and effectively?
  3. Is there overlap or duplication within the federal government that could be consolidated or eliminated?

Through the SAVE Award, we have found hundreds of ways to cut waste, increase efficiency and save taxpayer dollars thanks to the knowledge and expertise of federal employees like you. In fact, the President’s current budget – which saves $30 billion by cutting waste and removing ineffective or duplicative programs – includes many of your ideas.

We need your input again to help create a 21st century government. Help us answer the key questions above through this new tool.

Visit to get started.

Submit Your Ideas for Government Reform