GreenGov Presidential Awards

The GreenGov Presidential Awards celebrate extraordinary achievement in the pursuit of President Obama's Executive Order on Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance. They honor Federal civilian and military personnel, agency teams, agency projects and facilities, and agency programs that exemplify President Obama's charge to lead by example towards a clean energy economy.

The 2013 GreenGov Presidential Awards  winners were announced November 5, 2013 in a press release and honored at a GreenGov Awards Ceremony. The winners demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to making the Federal Government green in each respective category.

2013 GreenGov Presidential Award Categories

  • Sustainability Hero Award – This award recognizes a Federal employee who is a sustainability champion and an agent of change within his or her agency. The selected individual will demonstrate a history of outstanding performance in leading implementation of sustainable practices while reflecting a comprehensive approach to energy and environmental management through innovative strategies, practices, and outreach.
  • Green Innovation Award – This award recognizes an innovation or idea with clear potential to transform the Federal community's overall energy and environmental performance, in keeping with the goals defined by Executive Order 13514. This award will be presented to an individual or team responsible for the development and execution of a novel new product, project, program, design, or revolutionary idea that facilitates sustainability across the Federal Government.  Award winners will ideally represent efforts in the implementation stage; however, innovation that demonstrates near-term feasibility may also be recognized.
  • Lean, Clean, and Green Award – This award recognizes outstanding organizational achievement in building or fleet energy efficiency or renewable energy development and deployment.  The winning project or program will demonstrate a combination of measurable results in energy efficiency (reduced energy consumption), increased use of renewable energy, and reduced greenhouse gas pollution, or decreased petroleum fuel consumption and greenhouse gas pollution reduction.
  • Good Neighbor Award – This award recognizes a Federal agency team for its exemplary engagement with local or regional communities to promote one or more of the goals of Executive Order 13514.  Nominations in this category should focus on Federal agency representatives who are actively involved in local community planning and sustainability initiatives, have established and are pursuing collaborative sustainability goals, and demonstrate success in aligning policies and practices with community partners to achieve those goals.  Nominations for this category must include at least one letter of support from a non-Federal local or regional community partner in order to be considered.
  • Green Dream Team – This award recognizes exceptional leadership by an interagency green team to effectively place a Federal sustainability idea into action.  The selected team will have clearly demonstrated that its collaboration efforts were integral to the successful implementation and institutionalization of the idea within its office, agency, or agencies and will highlight collaboration through Regional Councils, Federal Executive Boards, workgroups or other interagency organizations and teams.
  • Building the Future– This award recognizes a Federal civilian or military facility or installation that successfully demonstrates the policy and performance goals of Executive Order 13514 by incorporating sustainable practices and principles into all aspects of their operations.  Nominees should highlight significant achievements in building or installation design, operation and management, supply chain management, resource conservation, community engagement, employee involvement, and innovation in order to create a more sustainable facility.
  • Climate Champion Award – This award recognizes a Federal agency individual or team that has shown consistent leadership in identifying the impacts climate change will have on the Federal community, acting to integrate that information into their work, and sharing their experiences to help others prepare. The award winner in this category will exhibit significant understanding of the impacts of climate change on Federal operations, programs and policies and will have openly and positively shared that knowledge with other Federal agencies, contributing to the nation’s overall climate preparedness.  Ideally, nominees also will have helped lead the development and successful implementation of plans to respond to climate change over the near and/or long term.

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