Open for Questions: Gulf Seafood Safety with Dr. Jane Lubchenco

Ed. Note: This event has concluded. Video of the live chat with Dr. Lubchenco is below.  For more information on Gulf seafood safety click here.

Download Video: mp4 (284MB) | mp3 (27MB)

On Monday, 2 PM EDT, Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Dr. Jane Lubchenco will host a live chat to answer your questions about the safety of seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. 

The men and women of the Gulf who make their livelihood harvesting fish, shrimp, and oysters have been among those hardest hit by this spill. Enjoying some local seafood is one simple way Americans can support the people of the Gulf who have been battered by this spill.  If you have questions about the safety of seafood from the Gulf, be sure to tune in Monday at 2 PM at  You can also submit your questions ahead of time via Facebook or our webform.