OSTP Leadership & Staff


John P. Holdren
Director's Office
Chief of Staff Rick Siger
Deputy Chief of Staff and Assistant Director Ted Wackler
Executive Assistant Lindsey Wagner-Oveson
Senior Advisor to the Director Jeff Smith
General Counsel Rachael Leonard
Senior Associate General Counsel and Policy Advisor Jennifer Lee
Assistant Director, Federal Research and Development Kei Koizumi
Assistant Director, Legislative Affairs Donna Pignatelli
Assistant Director, Strategic Communications and Senior Policy Analyst Rick Weiss
Deputy Assistant Director, Strategic Communications Moira Vahey
Senior Communications Advisor and Web Editor Becky Fried


Office of the Chief Technology Officer
U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park
Deputy Chief Technology Officer Jennifer Pahlka
Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Telecommunications Tom Power
Deputy Chief Technology Officer Nick Sinai
Deputy Chief Technology Officer Nicole Wong
Senior Advisor to the CTO Casey Burns
Senior Advisor to the CTO, Intellectual Property and Innovation Colleen Chien
Senior Advisor to the CTO, Internet Policy David Edelman
Senior Advisor to the CTO, Mobile and Data Innovation Brian Forde
Senior Advisor to the CTO Erie Meyer
Senior Advisor to the CTO Lynn Overmann
Senior Advisor to the CTO Ryan Panchadsaram
Senior Health and Health IT Advisor Claudia Williams
Policy Advisor Vivian Graubard


Environment & Energy Division
Associate Director Vacant
Principal Assistant Director for Environment & Energy Tammy Dickinson
Assistant Director, Environmental Information Peter Colohan
Assistant Director, Polar Sciences Brendan Kelly
Assistant Director, Ocean Sciences Bradley Moran
Assistant Director, Environmental Health Bruce Rodan
Assistant Director, Clean Energy and Materials R&D Cyrus Wadia
Senior Policy Advisor, Climate Adaptation and Ecosystems Laura Petes
Senior Science Analyst Peter Huybers
Director, National Climate Assessment Fabien Laurier
Confidential Assistant Fae Jencks
TMS Fellow Meredith Drosback
Policy Analyst Jonathan Andrechik
Ocean Policy Advisor Chris Corvo
Consultant Robert Simon


National Security & International Affairs Division
Associate Director Patricia Falcone
Principal Assistant Director for National Security and International Affairs Arun Seraphin
NSIA Staff Director and Assistant Director for Defense Programs Reed Skaggs
Assistant Director, Nuclear Matters Cindy Atkins-Duffin
Assistant Director, Biological and Chemical Threats Andrew Hebbeler
Assistant Director, Intelligence Programs Michael Johnson
Assistant Director, National Security and Emergency Preparedness Mark LeBlanc
Assistant Director, Cybersecurity Tim Polk
Senior Policy Advisor for International Affairs Adam Bobrow
Senior Policy Analyst Jeffrey Glick
Senior Advisor, High Performance Computing Robert Leland
Senior Advisor, Cyber Operations and Research Strategy Charles Nelson
Research Assistant Richard Smith


Science Division
Associate Director Vacant
Principal Assistant Director for Science and Assistant Director for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Philip Rubin
Confidential Assistant Becca Grimm
Assistant Director, Physical Sciences Gerald Blazey
Assistant Director, Nanotechnology Altaf Carim
Assistant Director, Medical Innovation Geoffrey Ling
Assistant Director, Forensic Science Tania Simoncelli
Assistant Director, Biotechnology Mike Stebbins
Senior Policy Analyst Sean Jones
Senior Policy Advisor Danielle Carnival
Consultant Jo Handelsman


Technology & Innovation Division
Associate Director Vacant
Deputy Director for Technology and Innovation Tom Kalil
Assistant Director, Grand Challenges Cristin Dorgelo
Assistant Director, Robotics and Cyber-Physical Systems Vijay Kumar
Assistant Director, Advanced Manufacturing Alex Slocum
Assistant Director, Global Development Hillary Chen
Assistant Director, Space and Aeronautics Richard DalBello
Assistant Director, Learning and Innovation Kumar Garg
Assistant Director, Telecommunications Innovation Nicholas Maynard
Assistant Director, Entrepreneurship Douglas Rand
Assistant Director, Global Development Robynn Sturm Steffen
Assistant Director, Robotics and Cyber-Physical Systems  Richard Voyles
Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director, Digital Media Mark DeLoura
Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director, Social & Behavioral Sciences Maya Shankar
Senior Policy Advisor, Impact Technologies Rafael Lopez
Senior Public Engagement Advisor Bess Evans
Senior Advisor, Space and Innovation Phil Larson
Confidential Assistant Randy Paris
White House Fellow Charina Choi
PPS Fellow Robbie Barbero


Budget & Administration
Operations Manager; Security Officer Stacy Murphy
Information Technology Specialist George Cravaritis
Budget Analyst Penny Guy
Administrative Officer Diana Zunker
Administrative Operations Officer Dawn Epperson
Administrative Security Specialist Mary Burgess-Gregg
Administrative Specialist Donna Coleman
Administrative Specialist Dawn Mielke


President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST)
Executive Director Marjory Blumenthal
Assistant Executive Director Ashley Predith
AAAS Fellow Knatokie Ford


National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)
Executive Director Jayne Morrow
Director, US Global Change Research Program National Coordination Office Thomas Armstrong
Director, Networking & Information Technology Research & Development National Coordination Office George Strawn
Director, Nanotechnology National Coordination Office Lloyd Whitman