• Climbing the Hill

    Today is a big day in the budget world as the House and Senate Budget Committees kicked off Congressional action on the federal budget with their markups of the budget resolutions.

  • CBO's New Numbers

    CBO released its re-estimate of the President’s Budget today.

  • Funding for Domestic Programs in the Budget

    How much does the Administration’s FY 2010 Budget increase domestic programs this coming year? If you listen to some critics, you would think that the answer is “the biggest increase ever.” But if you approach the question analytically . . .

  • Fair and Square: NDD Spending to Historic Lows

    As I’ve blogged about before, the President’s Budget brings non-defense discretionary spending (NDD) down to its lowest level as share of GDP since 1962.

  • The Fiscal Impact of Winding Down a War

    The President is committed to responsibly winding the war down. I don’t do foreign policy, but I can tell you this: ending wars saves money – and so the Administration’s budget includes savings from ramping down overseas military operations over time.

  • Notes on the Budget

    I am testifying today before the House Budget Committee and wanted to share my notes on the budget.

  • Economic forecasts and the Budget: Consistency with CBO

    During last Thursday’s briefing on the President’s FY 2010 Budget, CEA Chair Christina Romer was asked many questions about the economic forecast underlying the Budget – and since then some news reports have highlighted differences between the Administration’s forecast and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecast.

  • The Budget and Charitable Donations

    Is our budget proposal uncharitable?

  • Clearing up a misconception: “tax hikes during a recession”?

    Peter Orszag: One of the questions I received throughout the day today, as we released the Fiscal Year 2010 budget, is why we are proposing to raise taxes on high-income taxpayers during a recession. And the answer is simple: we’re not.

  • Discipline, Efficiency, Prosperity

    Peter Orszag: I want to open up OMB even more to the public and share with you what we’re doing to address the many challenges that we face as a nation. I know that, for many people, blogs are the easiest way of receiving information – so this blog may prove to be useful even if it simply provides a convenient way of keeping up with information from OMB that is already available in other formats.