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Recent Reports and Documents



  • President's IT Budget for FY 2015 (March 4, 2014) (489 kb)
    This document provides the President's FY 2015 Federal Information Technology Budget.

  • Presentation Made by Steve VanRoekel 5.15.13 (May 15, 2013) (15 pages, 2.3 mb)
    This document provides the presentation made by Steve VanRoekel on 5.15.13.

  • FY10 UPI Codes for the E-Gov and LoB Initiatives (July 2008) (8 pages, 0.2 mb)
    The purpose of this document is to provide those agencies involved in the E-Government (E-Gov) and Line of Business (LoB) initiatives with the appropriate Unique Project Identifiers (UPI) in preparation for the submission of their budget exhibits to OMB for the FY 2010 budget.

Cybersecurity Supporting Documents

  • Cybersecurity CAP Goal Update - FY 2014 Q4 Workbook (December 18, 2014) (Excel workbook, 50 kb)
    This Excel workbook provides the source data for agency progress in meeting the Administration's priority cybersecurity Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals in Q4 of FY 2014.

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Reports (Archive)

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