Legislative Information

OMB works with Congress on congressional appropriations, authorizing, and budgeting processes to enact the President’s Budget and legislative proposals. OMB coordinates the Administration’s proposed legislation, testimony, reports, and other documents to ensure consistency with Administration policies, including the President’s Budget. OMB also prepares Statements of Administration Policy for certain bills scheduled for House or Senate floor action, analyzes legislation that changes revenues or direct spending, and has responsibility under the Statutory Pay-As-You-Go Act of 2010 (PAYGO) for publishing a scorecard itemizing the budgetary effects of enacted legislation.


February 28, 2011 Daniel I. Gordon, Administrator for Federal Procurment Policy
Testimony on the Federal Acquisition Workforce (10 pages, 185 kb)
before the Commission on Wartime Contracting
February 16, 2011 Jacob J. Lew, Director
Testimony on the President's Fiscal Year 2012 Budget (15 pages, 191 kb)
before the House Committee on Ways and Means
February 15, 2011 Jacob J. Lew, Director
Testimony on the President's Fiscal Year 2012 Budget (15 pages, 191 kb)
before the Senate Committee on the Budget
February 15, 2011 Jacob J. Lew, Director
Testimony on the President's Fiscal Year 2012 Budget (15 pages, 163 kb)
before the House Committee on the Budget

Statements of Administration Policy

HR 5 Student Success Act (1 page, 91 kb) February 25, 2015
HR 636 America’s Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2015 (1 page, 219 kb) February 10, 2015
HR 644 Fighting Hunger Incentive Act of 2015 (1 page, 233 kb) February 10, 2015
HR 50 Unfunded Mandates Information and Transparency Act (2 pages, 357 kb) February 3, 2015
HR 527
Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act of 2015 (2 pages, 257 kb)
February 3, 2015
HR 596 Repealing the Affordable Health Care Act (2 pages, 332 kb) February 2, 2015


PAYGO Scorecard Five- and ten-year PAYGO scorecard showing cumulative deficit impact of PAYGO legislation and a bill-by-bill listing of deficit effects (8 pages, 58 kb)
2014 PAYGO Report Final Report: PAYGO legislation for the second session of the 113th Congress (13 pages, 283 kb)
Description of PAYGO Act A description of the requirements of the Statutory PAYGO Act


June 15, 2012 Response letter to Chairman McKeon, Chairman Ros-Lehtinen, Chairman Rogers (2 pages, 933 kb)
May 23, 2012 Response letter to Chairman Ryan (2 pages, 124 kb)
October 19, 2011 Letter regarding FY2012 appropriations sent to Senator Inouye, Congressman Rogers, Congressman Dicks, and Senator Cochran (6 pages, 955 kb)
September 27, 2011 Letter regarding FEMA disaster funding for remainder of FY 2011 Sent to Leader Reid, Leader McConnell, Speaker Boehner, Leader Pelosi (2 pages, 1.00 mb)
September 6, 2011 Letter regarding Budget Amendment for disaster relief needs through fiscal year 2012 Sent to Congressman Dicks (2 pages, 630 kb)
May 12, 2011 Letters to House of Representatives and Senate on the Administration’s cybersecurity proposal (2 pages, 933 kb)


Reports to Congress

August 28, 2013 OMB Report to the Congress on Federal Climate Change Expenditures (48 pages, 495 kb)
March 1, 2013 OMB Report to the Congress on the Joint Committee Sequestration for Fiscal Year 2013 (83 pages, 1.25 mb)
September 14, 2012 OMB Report Pursuant to the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012 (394 pages, 1.4 mb)
September 12, 2011 American Jobs Act (199 pages, 962 kb)
February 2011 2010 U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Annual Report on Intellectual Property Enforcement (92 pages, 5.15 mb)
August 26, 2010 Report to Congress on Interagency Acquisition (August 26, 2010) (15 pages, 161 kb)
June 2010 Fiscal Year 2011 Report to Congress on Federal Climate Changes Expenditures (37 pages, 389 kb)
June 7, 2010 Annual Report on United States Contributions to the United Nations (55 pages, 1.74 mb)