About the Campaign

Above the Influence (ATI)

The Above the Influence brand remains one of the most widely recognized youth brands in the country and continues to strengthen teen anti-drug beliefs. ATI speaks in a voice relevant to today’s teens – encouraging them to live “above the influence” of drugs and alcohol and reject the use of any substance that gets in the way of their goals in life.

In addition to national-level television and Internet advertising, the Campaign maintains a strong online presence – routinely communicating with nearly 300,000 teens via its ATI Facebook page, as well as online at AboveTheInfluence.com and the Above the Influence YouTube channel. Findings from the Media Campaign’s Youth Ad Tracking Survey of teens indicate that not only are 85 percent of teens aware of Above the Influence advertising, but 75 percent of teens – regardless of gender or ethnicity – say Above the Influence speaks to them.

Additional evidence for the effectiveness of the "Above the Influence" national campaign recently appeared in two peer-reviewed journals, Prevention Science and the American Journal of Public Health. The analyses showed that youth who reported exposure to the ATI campaign were less likely to begin use of marijuana compared to those not exposed to the ATI campaign – a finding consistent with the Media Campaign's own year-round Youth Ad Tracking Survey results.

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Working with Youth Organizations

The recently redesigned ATI campaign also engages directly with youth-serving organizations to bring ATI messaging directly to teens at the community level. The Media Campaign partners with youth‐serving organizations in communities across the country and provides technical assistance and training.

Youth-serving organizations, such as Drug-Free Community grantees, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, SADD Chapters, Girl’s Inc., Girl Scouts, Community Anti‐Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS), ASPIRA, and Y’s (formerly YMCAs), work directly with the Media Campaign to implement on-the-ground Above the Influence activities with teens. ATI provides local youth‐serving organizations with a recognized, effective national platform to further their specific youth development goals and initiatives.

The Campaign and its balanced approach – providing anti-drug messaging at the national level with more targeted efforts at the community level – are vital prevention resources in a time of pressing new realities: (1) a softening of anti-drug attitudes among teenagers and increases in teens’ use of specific drugs (data from two leading national surveys – the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, and the Monitoring the Future Survey); and (2) our youth face an ever increasing tide of pro-drug messaging in pop culture and online environments that normalize and trivialize drug and alcohol use.

To counter this increase in pro-drug messaging, the Media Campaign uses a paid advertising budget to ensure effective media placement of messages and requires media outlets “match” each paid advertisement placement with a donated (or free) placement; this two-for-one return is a value unmatched by any other advertiser in the commercial or public service sectors.

Anti-Meth Campaign

Since 2007, the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign has supported a national Anti-Meth Campaign through TV, radio, print, and online anti-meth advertising in areas of the country hardest hit by meth.   Learn more about the Anti-Meth Campaign