Above the Influence Day

For the second year in a row, as part of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, ONDCP is encouraging partners across the country to join us in celebrating the second annual National Above the Influence (ATI) Day.

This year, the flagship ATI event will take place in Washington DC on October 17th.

On that day and in the weeks leading up to the 17th, community partners from all around the country will participate in a variety of youth-focused activities that place teens at the heart of this national celebration. In addition to the activities happening around the country on the 17th, four featured partners and their youth in Texas, California, New York, and Florida will be visited by ONDCP officials - each of these areas will showcase their teens in a variety of customized, teen-centric activities and performances in concert with the main event in Washington, DC.

A central element of the second annual National Above the Influence Day is ATI’s “Made by Me National Challenge”. The challenge asks teens to pitch their idea for the next ATI commercial. To date, the ATI campaign has received hundreds of submissions from youth around the country. After a national vote, the winning teen will participate in the production of their commercial, and will be in attendance for the premiere at the flagship event in Washington D.C.

Please encourage your community’s youth organizations to get involved in National Above the Influence Day 2013.

Visit www.ATIpartnerships.com for more information on how to join the National ATI Day activities webinars, and how to vote for the winning “Made by Me National Challenge” video submission. 

More than 500 community organizations took part in two ATI Day training webinars held last year– and nearly 200 groups stated their intention to hold at least one ATI activity or event during 2012 National Substance Abuse Prevention Month.  A map of these groups is below: