How to Get Involved

There are many ways coalitions can observe National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. For ideas on how to observe each themed week, see below: 

Week 1: Prevention 

Dedicate this week to the science of prevention by:
  • Identifying the best prevention program for your community.
  • Educating your community about the dangers of substance use, including prescription drug misuse.

Week 2: Parents

Parents must remember that prevention programs are most effective during key transition periods when youth are most at risk. Deliver a message that is consistent and clear. This week:
  • Educate yourself about illicit drugs using online webinars.
  • Foster open communication with your family members.
  • Initiate a family conversation.

Week 3: Youth

School-based prevention efforts should provide youth with communication and drug resistance skills.This week:
  • Use social media to initiate discussions.
  • Make a “Made by Me” Above the Influence commercial.
  • Attend an Above the Influence event.

Week 4: Communities

Community coalitions are leaders in preventing substance abuse and can get involved in National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in many different ways:
  • Sponsor an Above the Influence event.
  • Organize a Prevention Month kickoff event.
  • Convene a community forum.
  • Create PSAs about the dangers of substance abuse.
  • Foster youth leadership skills through CADCA’s National Youth Leadership Initiative.
  • Tell your community’s story.
  • Target local newspapers to educate your community about Prevention Month.
  • Join or start a coalition by visiting
  • Engage faith communities.

Week 5: Workplaces

The workplace is a prime location to educate employees on how to make informed decisions. This week:
  • Create a prevention page on your company's website.
  • Host a brown bag conversation.
  • Co-sponsor a prevention walk with other organizations.
  • Encourage employees to get involved in prevention programs.
  • Disseminate the National Substance Abuse Prevention Month Toolkit.
  • Develop wellness incentives for employees to maintain healthy lifestyles.

To read the full brochure for National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, go here.