Open Government National Action Plans

Member-nations issue biennial Open Government National Action Plans to outline specific and measurable open government commitments. The commitments are made within five “grand challenge” topic areas:

1)     Improving Public Services
2)     Increasing Public Integrity
3)     More Effectively Managing Public Resources
4)     Creating Safer Communities
5)     Increasing Corporate Accountability

The Administration published its first National Action Plan in 2011. It included 26 concrete and ambitious open government initiatives.

The second National Action Plan was released in December 2013 and includes 23 commitments that build on the progress made in the first plan as well as bold, new commitments to be achieved over the next two years. Countries also issue self-assessments evaluating the implementation of the National Action Plans. National Action Plans are intended to be living documents, and the Administration plans to add additional commitments. If you have suggestions for new initiatives, share them with or @opengov.