Open Innovator's Toolkit

Open Innovator's Toolkit

President Obama emphasizes a “bottom-up” philosophy that taps citizen expertise to make government smarter and more responsive to private sector demands. This philosophy of “open innovation” has already delivered tangible results in public and regulated sectors of the economy – areas like health IT, learning technologies, and smart grid – that are poised to deliver productivity growth and grow the jobs of the future. We have surfaced new or improved policy tools deployed by our government to achieve them. We’ve posted the Open Innovator’s Toolkit as a roster of 20 leading practices that an “open innovator” should consider when confronting any policy challenge – at any level of government. Our aspiration is to build upon this list, adding new tools and case studies to form an evidence base that will help to scale “open innovation” across the public sector.

Acting as “Impatient Convener”

Standards Engagement Principles

Policy Principles

Private Sector Open Innovation Showcase

21st Century Infrastructure Design

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