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Let's equip our workers with the skills to compete in a 21st-century economy.

“I've asked Vice President Biden to lead an across-the-board reform of America's training programs to make sure they have one mission: train Americans with the skills employers need, and match them to good jobs that need to be filled right now… If Congress wants to help, you can concentrate funding on proven programs that connect more ready-to-work Americans with ready-to-be-filled jobs.”

President Obama during his 2014 State of the Union address

Watch President Obama and Vice President Biden deliver remarks and sign H.R. 803, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

If you're ready to work, you should be able to find a job that fits your skills, or get trained with the skills you need for a better job.

In his 2014 State of the Union address, the President tasked Vice President Biden with leading a review of federal employment and training programs, with the aim of making them more job-driven. That review is complete, and now that the White House has identified what is working across the country, the aim is to multiply those shining examples. The Vice President’s report highlights successful job-driven training strategies, details executive actions that are being taken by the federal government, and new commitments by employers, non-profits, unions and innovators to help spread what’s working and to support more Americans in getting and moving up in in-demand jobs and careers.

Read the full report or fact sheet — then scroll down to learn more about why these training programs matter, and which programs around the country are working best.





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Hear these people describe, in their own words, why these training programs are so important to American workers and our economy.

See What's Working

These programs are working right now, and they're making a difference. The Obama administration has granted $450 million in TAACCCT (Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training) grants to nearly 270 community colleges across the country. Check out the map below to see which colleges are using these grants to deliver the education and career training that will help job seekers get the skills they need for in-demand jobs in their communities.

All grantees are partnering with employers in growing industries to train workers for middle-class jobs that will be the backbone of our globally-competitive, 21st century economy.

What's Next

Our investment in the expansion and improvement of job-training programs build off significant work to date and lay the groundwork for much work to come. Working together with governors and mayors, industry leaders, innovators and educators, unions, philanthropies, and community organizations, we can expand opportunity to the hardworking Americans who need it most.

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Find out how the Administration is helping more people get the training they need for better jobs.

When it comes to training our workers, not all of today’s good jobs require a four-year college degree, but I promise you, there’s not a job out there that’s going to pay a lot if you don’t have some sort of specialized training. So our best bet is keeping ahead in the skills race.

President Obama on Skills Training

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